What are these movies??? Please help


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The first one, all i can remember is its somewhat the concept of the truman show. i dont think it was a big movie. everyone in the guys life was an actor. he thinks everyone is messing with him, so he shoots someone, but they planted a fake bullet. at the end, he tries to kill himself by jumping of a huge building and crashes through a stained glass window but ends up landing on large cushion then everyone tells the truth. i think

The second, all i can remember is a guy gets a box delivered to his door of his apartment complex, everyday. when he opens it, there is nothing inside. but he finds out later thats when opens it, its something in the box that tells him what he does that day. like he breathes something in. i remember something about he keeps drinking alot of milk as well.

ive been dying to know what these are. anyone know?

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The first film certainly sounds like The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

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yeah thats def it. thanks. whats the other one thought???

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Yeah, I owned that movie for a long time, and finally watched it last year. I didn't like it. The ending is what I hated about it.

Sorry, I have no clue about that second one. I'll ask my friends, though.