do you collect ?


With music I manage to find it much more easy to embrace virtual ownership but with fillums I still very much prefer physical ownership so I guess I kinda do collect. That's not to say I don't stream through legal/safe means though, as I find the availability via that route especially helpful when preparing for things like the MoFo period/genre countdowns for instance.

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Me too...I wonder why owning a movie causes a non desire to watch it?
Generally speaking it's because you know you can watch it whenever you want, which also means you can put off watching it until 'another time' as often as you want.

Generally speaking it's because you know you can watch it whenever you want, which also means you can put off watching it until 'another time' as often as you want.
Probably true for me. Back when I first got into older movies I wanted to watch all the Busby Berkeley musical movies I could find...only my library didn't have many. So I ended up buying three boxed sets. 15 years later and there are still some movies in that set that I haven't watched. And that's why I gave up buying movies.

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all the movie chain stores as far as i know in the states are gone there are some random ones here and there and new england has bullmoose which is still hanging on but isnt strictly a movie place they have video games and music and books too. making a stand for a physical media lol

I've never heard of Bullmoose. Is that just a local store? It sounds like it's similar to Game Stop, before they stopped selling DVDs.

I buy a lot of DVDs, but I'm cheap, so I usually only buy them at garage sales, flea markets, and on Black Friday if they have good sales. I haven't counted them, but I probably have around 1000 DVDs.

I still have a lot of my old VHS tapes too, and I even still have a working VCR. I rarely watch them, but I just haven't decided to give them up yet.

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I collect popular movies I've never seen if I catch them in a thrift shop. I also grab my favorite movies to own if I see them. I also started buying some favorites on YouTube. I also put movies I've always wanted to see on my Netflix list if it's on there but they usually end up sitting around like a DVD too. But that's mainly because I find myself not in the mood for them until it's too late.

I'm also cheap when it comes to picking up dvd's/blu rays. Make a trip a couple times a year to the previously owned movie shop and won't spend more than $.99 on a dvd or more than $2.99 on a blu ray. If I see a blu ray for $.99 and it's something I've heard of there's a good chance I'm grabbing it unless I've already seen and hated it. Sometimes I'll splurge on a 3D movie (has to be under $10) or a Criterion edition (gone as high as $15) if it's something I really like. I take all my VHS to Goodwill once I have them on DVD and don't like buying digital copies at all.

I dig where you're coming from as I too miss the old days of movie rentals,but I do collect and love it.

I still have lots of disks and it has a lot to do with my psychology and, yes, this makes NO sense. After a day of doing almost everything on-line, there's something about having media that doesn't come from the web that's appealing on a completely psychological level, like being cut off from news, entertainment (other than what I'm watching) and the world in general. After midnight, I want something that's not coming in from outside. I have lots of physical media, much of it really bad, especially old horror-sci-fi, completely disorganized and my choices of what to watch are completely arbitrary. That's the point of it.

I like to have a physical collection so I prefer to buy my movies instead of streaming. I collect films of my favourite actors, I have all of Chaplins films, I am also collecting films with Chow Yun-Fat and Denzel Washington too. I also have a collection of films from world cinema and a collection of adventure/treasure hunt films like Indiana Jones, The lost city of Z and so on.
I also used to collect steelbook DVDs but i haven't bought any for a long while.

Me and my wife used to like renting movies too back when rentals were a thing. We still do in a way as there's a shop called CEX and they have a 50p DVD section. We'll buy a film from there, watch it then give it to a charity/thrift shop unless it turns out to be a great film and we keep it, lol.

I've never used online streaming or downloading, never will.
Bad picture and sound quality. Not worth the money.
I collect DVDs, but I also stream. Especially with a tv show - Homeland, e.g. - it takes FOREVER to be released on dvd. So some shows I stream right away. Ozark, e.g. I find the film quality in my iPad to be perfect. Except in the case of Roma, which looked awful.

Believe it or not, BluRay hasn't taken off in the UK as much as you'd think.
Don’t know how many DVDs I own, but none of them are BluRay.

I ditched all my old VHS tapes. Wish I'd have kept some of them though ...
I’m not much of a one for keeping old things, but wish I still had my vhs of Bad Lieutenant. Infuriating that only a “cleaned up“ version exists now.

Me too...I wonder why owning a movie causes a non desire to watch it?
Opposite for me. I re-watch all the time & it’s comforting to me to own my dvd collection. I’m an avid reader, but my dvd collection means more to me than my dedicated “bookroom”.
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I like to collect, but I'm too stingy to buy films often. I'm perfectly fine using streaming and the library to watch films. I don't like the idea of buying digital films though.

Generally speaking it's because you know you can watch it whenever you want, which also means you can put off watching it until 'another time' as often as you want.
Haha, I got Casablanca a year ago and I still haven't watched it. (though a big reason why is because my family isn't interested in it.)

I mostly put off watching films I own because I don't have to worry about due dates or them being "taken off."
My ratings are generally skewed towards the positive side.

I still collect, but have gotten much more particular about which movies I'll buy. The most recent ones I bought were Toy Story 4, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Joker.

I'v certainly stopped buying films that are likely to be a "one and done" viewing, that's definitely something streaming is helpful for. Equally though I actually think the last decade was actually very good for quality releases of great cinema, third party labels set a much higher standards than the studios themselves did really playing up the advantage of buying, the best quality, more extras and often booklets with interesting info in them.

I do both, but I prefer to collect. Some movies you just have to have- like Le Mans 66,Narnia,Ted,The Sure Thing etc.

I do collect movie since 1992. It's all start when my favorite movie begun to disappear in those video club. Since that time everything i saw i own it making my collection around 25 000 film in vhs, dvd and blu ray. Do I Sound crazy... What do you think. But since i realize i wont have the time to see all my collection before the end of my life i serously thiking to stop buying any dvd. Beside with all that streaming my children seam not interested at all into my collection so i guest it will finish in carbage afther i'm gone...🤔🤔🤔

I still like collecting. The last time I bought movies was 3 weeks ago. I got:

The Irishman Criterion blu ray
A Christmas Story blu ray
Home Alone 1 and 2 blu ray
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation blu ray
Annie (1982) dvd
A Flintstones Christmas Carol dvd
Buttons a Christmas Tale dvd
The Christmas Club dvd
A Christmas Love Story dvd
Classic Christmas Favorites dvd

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I easily have about 1,000 + movies on DVD. I like to have physical data because I live in the sticks of Japan, and that comes with certain streaming down sides.

I've recently started collecting complete box sets of TV shows I like. So far, I've got the complete collection of Beavis and Butthead, the Andy Griffith show, The original Star Trek with captain Kirk, Little house on the prairie, Hogan's Heroes, the Brady Bunch, and Married with Children.

I'm a huge collector of movies,way back,starting in 1979, video of course,my first selection of tapes were Rebel without a cause,The Texas chainsaw massacre,and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid,and Deliverance,way before Dvd, I amassed over five thousand tapes,still have them,and most of the titles now on Dvd,I also still watch ,my videos,it's just that they Carrey a strange sentimental value for me,I always buy ten movies a week,no matter what,I don't go for this streaming,it's not the same,I like the boxes of my purchaser's and it makes Moro exciting to watch on Dvd,you listed a few favourites of mine , especially Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, remember taping it of the TV in the late seventies,then have one room devoted to my collection,including memorabilia,I have many of the originals film posters framed,with the stills ,just like they had outside cinemas,only my favourites,The Sting, Butch Cassidy,Dirty Harry,The Bonds,Bronson movies,and seventies disaster movies.

I was collecting DVD's. After years of having used the good and reliable DVD, I'm mostly watching this materials on my desktop computer. I wanted to 'modernize' or 'upgrade' my ' outdated' entertainment situation. So I purchased some Blu-ray disc boxes. How to train your dragon, Madagascar, T-34, Hobbs & Shaw, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Unfortunately, I ran in a lot of troubles playing my Blu-ray discs. And I still haven't fixed those issues until this day. So in another attempt to ' upgrade' my situation, I did some months ago, or are they years? I don't know anymore. I have decided to try streaming. And I'm liking it. I don't have any trouble anymore with playing movies. And quality is okay. It also solves the issue with having not enough space to keep all those discs. Currently I'm not having a lot of space availlable to do so, probably will never have that. So streaming is probably the future way I will be going.
Long story short, I was collecting for years. Not anymore now.