Looking for weird, eerie b/w european movie 70-85.


I saw it on TV in the mid eighties. Been trying to find it for some time.

What I remember: City. Raining perhaps. A young couple is giving an elderly woman a lift in their car (a VW bug I think). The woman gets out but leaves her bag behind. The couple goes to the police with it, and the officer receiving the bag opens it and pull out a large knife /machete, which seemed to be all that was in the bag. The end.

Black and white, probably european, I was very young when I saw it and I estimate the year to be in the 1970 to 1985 range. Could be a short. Very strange atmosphere. One of those movies that leaves you hanging without a clue what was going on. But then again, I was around ten. Might be clearer now. : )


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Hi. I think the film you're looking for is 'Panic'.
It's a short film made in the UK, released in 1978.

Check it out here:

Yes! That's it! Unbelievable...

I can't thank you enough! A very old mysterious TV memory finally identified.


Happy to help Jona. I'm glad it was the one you were looking for.