What in the world is up with Judge Judy's hair?


I don't often watch this show, so I don't know when she changed her hairstyle. She's now wearing hair pulled straight back off her face but when there's a profile, you realize it's in a ponytail. Sort of a combination 'do of severe and immature.

I am not one to offer fashion
advice, but I would caution any woman in her mid seventies that there may be a nicer way to wear one's hair. Especially on tv.

Hope this new look doesn't catch on.

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She changed it about a month ago, and there were people talking about it all over the internet. The general consensus seems to be that most people don't like it. I guess nobody told her because everyone around her is probably afraid of her.
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She's on our screens in the UK but it's all repeated episodes so I've not seen any recent pics, I'll have to have a look though!

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That's not so bad...Now if we can just get an update on that old lace collar
Her collar looks like a doiley that's been cut in half and stitched to her robe!😂
I do like her hair though, I think it suits her.

She looks fine. Twitter was trending with the topic, but can’t say I was interested.
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