The Tick (2016)


I'm literally starting a thread for this show to say that it's been canceled.

I loved the cartoon version way back in the day (still good!), and I know @Powdered Water loved it, too, particularly the Evil Midnight Bomber (what bombs at midnight). The first live action adaptation with Patrick Warburton had its moments. This new version was not, perhaps, as funny as the animated one, but was quite different and maybe the best overall show of the three. I hope it gets revived. The character is great and it feels like a small creative misdemeanor that had such limited runs in three different incarnations now.

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I'm not old, you're just 12.
There was also a short lived Tick comic book series by creator Ben Edlund back in the 1980's. It was plagued by missed deadlines and sometimes went years without an issue before finally ending, then being revived by different artists several times. It's original run was brilliant, though. It introduced the Tick's arch enemy Chairface, the insane Chainsaw Vigilante, the other Tick AKA Barry, Paul the Samurai, and the Tick's love interest, a sexy female ninja called Oedipus. Well worth checking out.
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Seems like that's the story of this character and its creator, for decades now: sporadic but brilliant, tried over and over again but never quite sticking around.

I'll definitely check the comic book out, I'd heard of it but haven't given it a go. I guess with the show gone (again) I might as well, if that's all that's left at the moment.