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You didn't find it silly funny and creepy at the same time??

Its Ryan Reynolds, how could you not!

I never enjoyed The Stepford Wives, and generally in my experience all these domestic dystopia films tend to turn out remarkably awful, but it should be a fun Friday flick. It’s opening night in London, and I’m finally in a packed cinema where it’s usually empty.

Not interested in all the off-screen drama at all.

As awful as advertised. Good to have one’s expectations met. Harry’s accent indeed profoundly idiotic. Never liked Booksmart, either, though I guess I can see why people did, but more broadly, I just don’t see why so-called feminist directors are so obsessed with the oppression of women (ironic, I know).

If you’re so passionate about women being independent creatures and all that, shouldn’t they be able to function in a plot that doesn’t revolve around them asserting their rights/looking for independence/whatever? Always served as my own private Bechdel test for the so-called feminist films, that: are women doing or interested in anything except escaping their supposed oppression?

Anyway, the thing is terrible.


Remains to be seen.
I didn’t mind the whole foetus thing (could have been more graphic/violent though, I kind of expected that, and of course it’s rather controversial now to show someone somewhat regretting an abortion, which was an interesting artistic choice), but this was… not good.
Ana very sexy of course, and she does look like Marilyn, but that ain’t enough. Brody is quite good, so I guess it’s got that going for it.

Don’t really like it. Boring. This whole couples tension thing is boring.
The visuals are good, though. Love the colour red.
To be fair, the ending is excellent and comes out of nowhere.
Edit: interestingly, this has really stayed with me. Been thinking about it for days and read every single review out there. Very sad philosophical stuff.

Spent years trying to find this online and now it’s on Shudder, which I guess is better than nothing, but I still want my stuff dubbed. Portuguese always sounds so odd. Reminds me of all the deforestation crap and working with Brazil.
Anyway, not my cup of tea. Reminds me of a crude animation. Massive disappointment, this one.