Which MoFo would you like Derpd?


Thanks for getting me one of these, SC.

Requested by Sexy Celebrity, Destiny:

That looks like Roger Ebert.
He is soooo right. That is nothing like Jack, except the ball cap. No offense, but that guy looks big and bald. Jack is 6'3, 205 lbs of great shape big, not Roger Ebert big. Could you try the picture that is in my avatar now, please?

Why is photobucket screwing me over? Is it because it wants me to use imgur instead? Fine. So let it be. I denounce you photobucket you piece of trash.

It did the same thing to me. It messed up the Photobucket account that held all the photos and videos I used on the board, as well as the one I made for personal photos from the board. Completely annoying!