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Updated. (Although I had to include my second-favorite Sayles film because my favorite isn't in the database for some reason).

Alright lets try a couple more linespalsy. I am getting some rep but no one is joining. I did my favorite movie from my ten favorite directors. I did mine in order but however you please.

Okay, I'll join in this time. This wasn't easy, but I changed my faves to match this week's theme. Some of my favorite movies from my favorite directors were already listed in my previous faves, so I went with my second favorite movie from those directors.

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That Bay movie is obviously just thrown in for the purpose of humor, right... right?

Maybe I jest, maybe not Just figured I'd throw ya'll for a loop
Buy a bag, go home in a box.

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Maybe I jest, maybe not Just figured I'd throw ya'll for a loop
Thanks goodness you put in Dawn of the Dead instead. That's a great work of cinema, not just great horror.

Alright, we went with "horror elements". Even by those standards nothing on here except for The Shining is above a
I feel like such a hater when it comes to horror. I really want to get that feeling everyone else gets when watching these films.
You are a hater, and you should be ashamed.

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Horror theme now please. Swan and I seem to be ahead of the game. I went with 10 foreign horror's I've watched/rewatched recently and enjoyed the most.

I wasn't even participating. But I feel like having an all-horror top ten, so I will join.

This was a hard but interesting exercise. Difficult because I wasn't making best-of lists then. I'm not positive I saw all of these by the time I turned 16 but they should be pretty close. Tetsuo in particular I'm not positive when I saw. I definitely knew about it: my best friend's dad would synopsize weird movies that were too "mature" to show us yet (The Holy Mountain is another, but that one I'm pretty sure I didn't actually see till I was 18 and a high school senior) and I remember me and my friend discussing Tetsuo during farming class in Waldorf school, which would have been around 13 or 14, after we had been told about it but before we had seen it. By summer 1997 - when I turned 17 - I had definitely seen it, since that's when I made the trip to NYC to see Tetsuo II in it's theatrical release (in a single tiny, and very seedy theater). Wings of Honneamise I think I had got on vhs when it came out, but it might have been a bit later. I had been at the height of my Vonnegut fandom for a couple years by the time I was 15, so it seems plausible I would have seen Slaughterhouse-five, but I'm not positive. Either way, all three of these should just about be eligible. The rest I'm sure I had seen.

The Shining
Wings of Honneamise
Tetsuo: the Iron Man
The Fly
The Thing
Die Hard

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There should be at least a couple of top tens from when I was fifteen somewhere on this site, but for this thread's purposes I decided to change it up a bit and offer an approximation. Feels very filmbro to me.