what is your favorite final destination movie?


I Like The Third Final Destination the best what about you?

My god, there's more than one?
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Not seen 4 or 5, but I'd safely go with the first. I do like the other two, though. I think I'd go with 3 over 2.
I agree, I think 3 was more entertaining than 2.

Yet to see the 5th one. But so far the second film is the one I enjoyed the most and it has the best opening sequence of the first four. Third started to get worse, and the fourth was just terrible but it had a decent music score.

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Saw the first and the fourth.
The first was obviously the best one out of two and probaly of the rest of the series.
The fouth was a total waste of time.

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Havn't seen the 5th one yet but so far my order is 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 4th.
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Im going to have to go with none of them.

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the 1st and 3rd. the 2nd was kinda slow-going, and I've yet to see the 4th and 5th (I hear the former sucked and the latter was pretty damn good)

the 1st and 5th one

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My favorite is the third one.
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2 was much better than 3 IMO

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My enjoyment of them from favourite to least favourite is the exact order they were released.
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I liked the second one, in which train finishes the movie, i don't remember now exacly it was 2nd or 3rd !

But i like that one