MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2020 Season


Yeah, dunno about that kinda churn over a normally lengthed season, assuming the goal is to plausibly win (I maybe buy it could lead to decent or middling results), but I’d sure be interested in the attempt.

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GG everyone! PW, you are THE MAN. Very well done, once again.
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So with the playoffs set, who do you guys have for the World Series?
Tampa Bay vs Dodgers would be a good one, but I’m going with Oakland vs Dodgers. Beane is finally due!

Smart money's on LA, they have the best team. Not that the best team usually wins in baseball's format, and this year's even wackier on that front than usual.

I was talking with my friend, an A's fan and fellow sabermetrically-minded fellow, and we were talking about how funny it would be if the A's did finally win, but in a weird year where it wouldn't necessarily satisfy their critics. But, I noted to him, if they do win in this weird year, they'll have done it by winning "when it counts," which is the primary (and primarily absurd) argument hurled by said critics, so who knows?

Well that was fun. My pitching was an absolute nightmare for the league this year. Trevor Bauer turning into a mini Cy Young was unexpected and sort of made me look like some kind of smart person.

I had a ton of fun churning out the roster but ultimately it was my first 2 picks that made it look easy at the end. If there's any way I can get both of those guys again... lookout! If you guys think I'm gonna go easy on y'all next year, guess again Fredo.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Yeah don't even get me started on Bauer. That dude's peripherals were twice his actual ERA.

There were a few guys like that. Dobnak's gap between the two was even higher, so I was secretly rooting for you to keep trotting him out there. He did blow up eventually but you cut bait quick, so you didn't lose all the benefit at least; smart move. Particularly since "Randy Dobnak" is definitely not an actual baseball player, but is in fact a fictional amateur bowler.

So with the playoffs set, who do you guys have for the World Series?
Tampa Bay vs Dodgers would be a good one, but I’m going with Oakland vs Dodgers. Beane is finally due!
Since my favorite team enters the playoffs with a losing record, their no. 1 starter on IL, their best reliever on the IL and their no. 3 starter on the IL (pitching was the only thing they had going for them this year) I'm not giving them much of a chance so I'd like to see a rematch of Houston and LA just for the chance of some fireworks, which usually don't happen in the playoffs, much less the world series, but I'm holding out hope. I do think your choices would probably give us the best Series.


The Ray's and Astros are now in he ALCS. I feel if we could get past New York we could get past anyone. Of course weve got to actually do it.

What's everyone gonna say if the Astros win again? I heard some pretty juicy expletives hurled their way. They must have made a deal with the dark lord himself.

Yeah, ESPN did a humorous article about reasons to root against them and reasons to root for them.
I’m still holding out for Rays-Dodgers.
Was hoping for A’s because I always wanted Brad Pitt to win that ring finally.
Next year, maybe.

Watching Houston-Tampa Bay game and I’m reminded that Houston is actually a good team, which makes their cheating even more disappointing.
I rooted for them in both World Series.
I won’t this year, if they beat Tampa.

The fear is great. It's really more like terror. You're afraid to be knocked out of the playoffs, but terrified to get knocked out after being up 3 games to none. The Red Sox did it to the Yankees, but unlike New York, the Rays simply dont deserve that. This is beyond wanting a team to win, it's more like begging God with all your might, similar to the Cuban missile crisis.

This is just one crazy baseball Season. Two teams on the brink of elimination( 3-0 and 3-1) have both stormed back to force a deciding a seventh game.