Which movie did you first hear the F word?


For me it was Thunderbolt and Lightfoot where George Kennedy tells an obnoxious kid to go f*ck a duck.

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Absolutely no feckin' idea, might as well ask me when the first time I heard someone utter "good morning" in a film was
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I don't remember either. I remember when I thought it was shocking and taboo, but now it's just whatever.

I can tell if a film is over using it to feel edgy or if it flows naturally. Taking of Pelham 123 remake felt very awkward and forced.
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Probably The Fly (1986). I remember saying it after watching an X-Men movie (could'a been a deleted scene) and getting in trouble.

Some home movies, I reckon. "Get the fu*k down from there before you break something, and stop being such a little @sshole! Stand up straight and keep your [email protected] hands to yourself or so help me I will put this camera down and you will know pain!"

Theatrically, probably Stripes was my first. On cable, I have no idea?
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Probably Goodfellas. I always remember i first saw some of it when i was 6, since i was staying with my sister and brother in-law the night before we went to Florida in 1999. I'm not sure if i actually heard Fudge since i only saw about 15 minutes of it, but then i don't think that film goes 15 minutes without saying fudge.

The Godfather (1972) first run at the drive-in theater, I was a little kid, not sure why my parents took me to see that...I guess baby sitters were expensive back in the day

The Godfather (1972) first run at the drive-in theater, I was a little kid, not sure why my parents took me to see that...I guess baby sitters were expensive back in the day
I actually know a random bit of useless trivia that the f-word isn't said in the first one, it's said a few times in the second though. Unless that is wrong but i can't think of it being said in it.

Oh heck! I thought for sure that would be the earliest I'd heard an F bomb.

Hmmm, I'm not sure know what movie it would be. My dad took us to a bunch of R rated movies when I was a kid. It might be this one which I also seen at the theater as a kid....Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974)

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I dont know but it must have been pretty early because my baby brother used to talk about KenF******FriedChicken and I;m pretty sure the f bomb wasnt used in my family home back then. He certainly knew it was a bad word, too. Would say it for laughs, the lil attention whore. And he was only about two. Or he would run around the house newd yelling I Have A Stiffy. The face of an angel and the potty mouth of satan. Bless.

I hope those words are OK to use here otherwise lemme know and I'll delete.

Thinking back to what movies I was allowed to see and at what age I viewed them, the most likely movie where I first heard the F word was probably Spaceballs.

Now I heard Marty McFly curse up a storm in Back to the Future when I was a 5, but I do not remember the F word in that trilogy.

This might just do nobody any good.
Probably Blue Velvet. There was lots of it.
Frank Booth: best teacher of the F word.

Damned if I know. My parents didn't exactly shelter me from it. I was watching R rated movies at a pretty young age because my mom hates kids' movies and didn't want to get stuck watching them if she could avoid it.