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Ok, this might be a long shot, but in 1982 I started to watch a movie with my girlfriend, but it was late at night and her mother wanted me to go home. All I remember is that the timeline was the 1930's, a woman was married to an abusive husband with a drinking problem, she had two kids, and she escaped her abusive hard drinking husband. The last scene I remember is when she was waiting for a bus or a train with her children and telling them to be brave or not be afraid. This could be a typical formula for many movies, but I'll take any leads.

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Was it a movie from the 1930s or set in the 1930s?
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It was a movie set in the 1930's.

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Was Sally Field in it?

Many of those details fit for...

Raggedy Man
(1981 - Jack Fisk)

Starring Sissy Spacek, with a pre-E.T. Henry Thomas as the older of her two sons.

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OK! I finally found this movie. It's called 'Stolen Children', starring Mare Winningham and Robert Wightman. It took me 35 years to find this movie. I found it on Youtube according to the topic. The reason why it took so long is because one night many years ago I was at my girlfriends house, and the movie was on TV. We were into the movie until her mother insisted that I had to leave, so I didn't get to find out what the name of the movie was or who was in it.

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Just thought I'd add this...
I looked up your film on IMDB, and it is listed with the following title: 'Missing Children: A Mother's Story' (a 1982 TV movie drama). There are other films with the title 'Stolen Children', but they feature different casts.