The Mandela Effect?


Leben findet einen weg...
You don't want to know what I'm POSITIVE he says in a certain line of "Beat It". I double take every time and think...did he just say.. bah. They'd never let him.

What does he say?

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Vid contains swearing...

Swearing. I'm dobbing on you, Rattus

The "We Are the Champions" one got me.
There's a logical explanation for this. It's apparently just not in the original version. Also, in some of his live shows he would change the lyrics to say "of the world" at the end of the song.

For example (skip to 2:50)....

So I decided to try and find some new ME's, since the subject generally fascinates and sometimes terrifies me. A new one seems to be the Elisa Lam story which apparently changed from the tank lid being shut to it was always open. It's perfectly reasonable for articles to be edited as new information comes out, so I'm trying to find something along those lines. So far it seems to be that that's the way it was always reported. Say huh? I remember the lid was shut and she couldn't possibly open it on her own to go in the tank. Among other details that seem to have changed now.

Then there's the theory that it was all just misinformation by some random person that gained traction. Either way, this should keep me busy for a good bit.

Okay, did more reading and it says details may have been misconstrued with one article saying the maintenance hatch was too small and they had to cut it open to get her out. Memory really is a wonder.

I swear I remember a Civil Rights crisis in the 60's - a lot of upheaval, riots, marches, and segregation was brought to an end. Ultimately laws were passed (some allegedly by LBJ) to make discrimination illegal, which put races on more equal footing, and a lot of programs were enacted to balance the scales of social justice.

Apparently, none of that occurred and instead it's happening now.

A system of cells interlinked
Watched the movie The Mandela Effect over the weekend, which of course had me scratching my head and looking up random stuff about the Monopoly man and The Berenstein Berenstain Bears. The movie was just OK, but the subject matter was pretty compelling.
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Hm. Wasn't that spelled with two Ls?
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