Wooooo! I'm going to be an extra in Edge of Darkness!


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Yesterday I found out that I'm going to be an extra in the film Edge of Darkness, starring Mel Gibson

Just thought I'd share.

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Awsome nnice one mate!
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Cool... have fun...
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I have always wanted to be in a movie
Someday I will (I hope) lets see Sawman3...
How exactly does one star in a movie?

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Have a great time!
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Alright, people, we finished shooting very late Saturday, and I had to work today, so I'm just getting to this now.

While I didn't actually talk to Mel Gibson or any other cast members, I was quite near him the whole time and it was very enjoyable to watch how the crew (director and Mel especially, as well as the lighting lead [who was an absolute genius]) worked together.

There were over 500 extras on the set just Saturday, and we were required to dress in muted, heavy clothing, as the scenes being shot were supposed to be in late Autumn. BTW, this was in Boston's South Station bus and train terminal.

Anyway, the extras were kept together in an area called by staff members the "holding pen" until we were needed. It wasn't too hot inside, and we could sit and iPod or whatever, but for the train scenes outside it was in the low eighties to begin with, according to one cop, and we all had on winter clothing (that we were not allowed to remove. The director was such a perfectionist that we shot over 100 versions of the same scene wherein Mel's character met his daughter by the trains as us extras streamed into and out of the station around them.)

There wasn't a break for lunch either, but (did I mention that a friend of mine was an extra as well: he lives in Boston, and when I was there we found a girl I'd met in an acting class last year, and who've I've kept in contact with on the phone) one of the staff members took the three of us and periodically took other people and allowed us to take drinks and food from the staff coolers as well as sit inside the train (which was nice and cold) for a few breaks.

Overall it was a good experience, and we did get food at the end (some really delicious steak). I'd definitely want to do it again.

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That's awesome, I'm glad you got to experience that. I would love to be an extra but no one makes good movies in Cleveland. It sucks.
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Haha, thanks man. Yeah, there's actually going to be a few major studios opening in Boston now. I'm psyched. I'd love to direct someday, and acting would be a good experience as well.

Not to mention that Saturday led to one of the best hook-ups of my life thus far