RIP Henry Silva (Ocean's 11, Alligator, Johnny Cool)


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Henry Silva died on September 14th at the age of 95. Known for primarily portraying gangsters or criminals, he appeared in over 150 films and television shows.

Perhaps most well known for appearing in the original Ocean's 11, Johnny Cool, The Hills Run Red, Manhunt, Alligator, Sharky's Machine, Dick Tracy, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, and in Batman: The Animated Series as Bane.

Silva as Colonel Brock in Alligator
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He was like the quintessential villain. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think I ever saw him play anything other than a bad guy. His role as Kurt Zagon in Above the Law was smallish but so sublime.

RIP Mr. Silva.

R.I.P. He was a welcome sight in every movie he appeared in. I especially like his bad guys in Escape 2000 a.k.a. Escape from the Bronx and Ghost Dog.

We had a good conversation about Henry Silva here a couple years back.

I found it interesting that he was known as a handsome leading man in Europe (as opposed to a villain as he was usually typecast in America) and how he was so often chosen to play so many various ethnicities (none of which he was).

He made a great dead-pan straight-man!

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Henry Silva, one of the great character actors! I remember him as a kid from watching the old black and white The Outer Limits.

The Outer Limits 'Tourist Attraction' (1963)

The Outer Limits 'The Mice' (1964)

Wow, he was always reliable for whatever you wanted played...especially a bad guy. I remember him in The Manchurian Candidate, Code of Silence (where he offers to give Chuck Norris a "Columbian necktie," ) Sharkey's Machine, where Burt Reynolds really didn't want Henry to commit suicide (if you've seen it, you know what I mean), The Bravados where he's the "good" bad guy, Ocean's Eleven, and the Buck Rogers film---yeah, I saw the pilot movie when they released it at the cinema without telling us it was a pilot! But Silva was always great, TV or film. Godspeed, Henry.
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