It takes... Diff'rent Strokes


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Since is an emoji here I wonder: How many here have seen Diff'rent Strokes?
The first two seasons although at times dated (The Spanking has a very odd message by the show's standards), they're always fun. Except for the awful clipshow two-parter Retrospective.

And season 3 really stepped up the game! The laughs really get ramped up, Little Mother being the most hilarious of the bunch. The social commentary also feels heavier, Roots and The Bus being standouts. (The only time it feels a bit cheap is in Junk Food Junkie, though it's still a solid one) Hell, they even have a suspense affair with the season premiere The Bank Job. You could tell they wanted the show to evolve, and if you ask me they suceeded. Looking forward to starting season 4 soon.

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Used to catch it occasionally back in the day. It was ok I guess.
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Watched it most days after school. Transformers, GIJoe, Different Strokes, and Three's Company (bah be doo bah doo; boop!). Maybe The Jeffersons too but that felt more adult than I was interested in.

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The truth is in here
I've never seen it, except bits and pieces when it first ran.
I think you'd like it. Just like Laverne & Shirley it has a lot of heart along with the humor.