London terror attack


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Your starting point is late... We've been going to war in the Middle East based on lies. Why doesn't anyone say "Christians have killed millions and millions of people?" - because the media is Christian.

Put yourself in their place. Wouldn't you want revenge if your entire country (and every other Arab country) was wiped out, family, friends, everything you know?
There are too many generalities in this response to address adequately.

You'd need to be more specific if we're to discuss who is at fault or is the aggressor in any international situation that turned to violence - we can't just say every conflict is based on lies (on any side) without examining the history & circumstances of each one.

Sure, people who happened to be born Christian may have killed millions of people for many different reasons over the last 2 millennia (everything from wars, serving one's country, religious crusades, greed, corruption, self defense, territory conflicts, retaliation, domestic situations, revolutions, or just being violent, drug-affected, mentally ill or psychotic, etc. on to ad infinitum).

The reasons behind generations of violence would be as varied yet relatively the same for people that happen to belong to any religion, culture, nationality, race, walk of life, that has engaged in violence - mankind has a long history of violence & war in virtually every place they've lived.

In other words, none of these things are particular to or indicative of the Christian religion or Christians.

There is no tenet in Christianity itself that advocates murdering others for the purpose of establishing some sort of religious superiority (in fact quite the opposite). Any "Christian" who engages in murder is in direct opposition to all teachings of the religion.

Sure, I understand revenge, but not all terrorism is based on revenge and not all revenge is direct as a retaliation against those who threw the first punch (like when terrorists kill people at random who just happen to be in a place they're taking their frustrations out on as their grievances are based on some ancient grudge, political stance or ideological religious dictate).

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We've gone on holiday by mistake
My mum always said, you don't bring a knife to a narwhal tusk fight.

Brave effort by those guys.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Sadly, initial reports said only the terrorist was killed, but now we know he murdered two (wounded 3) before he was stopped (initially just by bystanders before police arrived - good show Londoners!).

Some interesting news discussion on the killer's termination by police - apparently he was wearing a mock-explosive vest or belt.

Questions arose: was shooting him on sight the wisest course? If the vest was real it could have had a dead-man's switch: where it explodes if the terrorist loses consciousness or is killed (i.e. takes his thumb OFF of a detonator switch). Or it could be detonated by someone else via radio wave or cell phone.

Police in this case felt the safest bet was that the terrorist did not have any of these more elaborate set ups and would have to detonate the vest manually, so they shot him with no option to surrender.

Turned out they made the right choice (as the vest did not have a dead man's switch) and the wrong choice as the terrorist was no longer a threat since the vest was a dummy (thus loosing a potential source of information, making an example of him by putting him through the justice system or allowing victim's families to carry out justice in other ways, and creating yet another Islamic Terrorist martyr.)

I guess it could be looked at as a deterrent or a warning (possibly to the public as well of what to maybe expect next time): unless your intention is suicide by cop, don't wear a mock explosive vest or come in with one ready to explode if or when they take you down.
I think the Police shouted a warning at the guy to stop moving and he didn't so there's no alternative. I mean if they shot him straight away, great, if they warned him then shot him, great.

The furore in the UK at the moment is about our pathetic justice system, this terrorist plotted to blow up the London stock exchange in 2012 and was caught, being given a 16 year sentence but served only 7. I can't imagine him ever being released in America and 2 young students have lost their lives. Obviously we're in the middle of an election so there's a lot of finger pointing and promises to fix the justice system.