most amazing quote- call me romantic, call me single...


orson welles at his best; intense and handsome..........."let us sit here in peace, eventhough we shall be destined never to sit here again...sometimes i have a queer feeling with regard to you jane, especially when you are near me as now - as if i had a string somewhere under my left rib, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in a corresponding corner of your little frame ....and...if we should have to be parted, that core of communion would be snapped. i have a nervous notion i should take to bleeding for you - you'd forget me." orson welle's "edward rochester" to joan fontaine's" jane eyre" in charlotte bronte's JANE EYRE (movie version 1944) what a great flic.

While I'm on my Stranger on a Train trip try this one on:
"I have a theory that you should do everything before you die."
Wow. And so creepy too coming from Bruno...

SultanBigPants- Strangers on a Train is indeed a great flic as are most of Hitchcock's creations... i still can't watch Robert Walker (bruno) without thinking of an old star trek episode (unless i'm confusing him with a similar actor). i'm not a "trekkie" in the true sense of the word, but i know well each episode and still lust afer James T. Kirk (but not william Shatner) . did you know that Hitchcock's daughter Patricia is the actress playing the thick glassed sister (is it Miriam? can't remember her name). on the subject of Hitch.... i've always loved "Rear Window". -patti

Yeah, I actually brought that up in another post just recently, she did a pretty good job, too. She's in a few of his other movies. Rear Window is great. I personally am a fan of The Lady Vanishes. That's probably my favorite.

SultanBigPants: did you ever hear about Hitchcock and Tippi Hedron? you know he hit on his leading ladies, bigtime, but when she kept putting him off, he gave her daughter (a young Melanie Griffith hangin' out on the set of the Birds") a little doll miniature of Tippi in a mini casket.

FilmNoir flics are full or great lines; my favorite:
"She was one of those middle aged dames with a face like a bucket full a' mud"
from Phillip Marlowe (Dick Powell) in Murder My Sweet