Recast your favorite movies


Shutter Island(1970)
dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Robert Redford as Teddy Daniels

Tony Curtis as Chuck Aule

Ralph Richardson as Dr.John Cawley

Faye Dunaway as Dolores Chanal

Piper Laurie as Rachel Solando

Ralph Bellamy as Dr.Jeremiah Naehring

Klaus Kinski as George Noyce

Eli Wallach as Warden

Lee Van Cleef as Deputy Warden Marshall

Ernest Borgnine as Andrew Laeddis

Cape Fear(2011)
dir. David Fincher
Mads Mikkelsen as Max Cady

Johnny Depp as Sam Bowden

Uma Thurman as Leigh Bowden

Victoria Justice as Danielle Bowden

J.K.Simmons as Kersek

Cape Fear(1971)
dir. Don Siegel
Robert Shaw as Max Cady

Walter Matthau as Sam Bowden

Ellen Burstyn as Leigh Bowden

Cybill Sheoherd as Danielle Bowden

Martin Balsam as Kersek

Cape Fear(1981)
dir. Stanley Kubrick
Jack Nicholson as Max Cady

Peter O'Toole as Sam Bowden

Faye Dunaway as Leigh Bowden

Elisabeth Shue as Leigh Bowden

Richard Crenna as Kersek

Cape Fear(2001)
dir. Brian DePalma
Gary Oldman as Max Cady

John Malkovich as Sam Bowden

Diane Lane as Leigh Bowden

Leelee Sobieski as Danielle Bowden

R.Lee Ermey as Kersek

Cape Fear(1951)
dir. Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten as Max Cady

Henry Fonda as Sam Bowden

Hedy Lamarr as Leigh Bowden

Kim Novak as Danielle Bowden

James Cagney as Kersek

Cape Fear(2021) set in London
dir. Chris Nolan
Tom Hardy as Max Cady

Jude Law as Sam Bowden

Rosamund Pike as Leigh Bowden

Emily Carey as Leigh Bowden

Jason Isaacs as Kersek

This might just do nobody any good.
Thor: Ragnarok (1987)
Dir. George Miller

Mel Gibson - Thor

David Bowie - Loki

Tina Turner - Valkyrie

Jeff Goldblum - Bruce Banner

Vernon Wells - Skurge

Leonard Nimoy - The Grandmaster

with Helen Mirren as Hela

Tim Curry as Doctor Strange

and Laurence Olivier as Odin

I was thinking about a Cannon Films Ragnarok with Dolph as Thor, Richard E. Grant as Loki, Sybil Danning as Hela, Dean Stockwell as The Grandmaster and a special appearance from Oliver Reed as Odin.

The Substitute(1976)
dir. Don Siegel
Clint Eastwood as Shale/Smith
Danny Trejo as Joey Six
Bruce Dern as Hollan
Hector Elizondo as Rem
Louis Gossett Jr. as Wellman
Yvonne Craig as Jane Hetzko
Samuel L.Jackson as Darell Sherman
Denzel Washington as Jerome
Sidney Poittier as Rolle
Jean Reno as Juan Lacas
Dennis Weaver as Wilfson
Rutger Hauer as Janus
It's tough to find 2 Indian actors that would fit in 70's version.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1972)
dir. Sam Peckinpah
Robert Mitchum as Tom Doniphon

Gregory Peck as Ransom Stoddard

Jane Fonda as Hallie

Gene Hackman as Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1982)
dir. Sergio Leone
Clint Eastwood as Tom Doniphon

Anthony Perkins as Ransom Stoddard

Jessica Lange as Hallie

Christopher Walken as Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1992)
dir. Clint Eastwood
Donald Sutherland as Tom Doniphon

Anthony Hopkins as Ransom Stoddard

Emma Thompson as Hallie

John Goodman as Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (2002)
dir. Kevin Costner
Jean Reno as Tom Doniphon

Alan Rickman as Ransom Stoddard

Cate Blanchett as Hallie

Brad Pitt as Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (2012)
dir. Tommy Lee Jones
Tom Hanks as Tom Doniphon

Tim Robbins as Ransom Stoddard

Michelle Williams as Hallie

Casey Affleck as Liberty Valance

State of Grace (2000)
dir. Curtis Hanson
Brad Pitt as Jackie Flannery
Matthew McConaughey as Terry Noonan
Charlize Theron as Kathleen Turner
Viggo Mortensen as Frankie Flannery

In my recast about Face/Off (1997).

Sylvester Stallone - Sean Archer/Castor Troy
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Castor Troy/Sean Archer
Sandahl Bergman - Eve Archer
Jean-Claude Van Damme - Pollux Troy
Rene Russo - Sasha Hassler
Alyssa Milano - Jamie Archer
Michael Ironside - Dietrich Hassler
Clint Eastwood - Victor Lazarro

I've always hoped for a remake of The Rose with Lady Gaga as Rose

I would also imagine in Kiss of death (1995)

Wesley Snipes - Jimmy Kilmartin
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Little Junior Brown
Chuck Norris - Calvin
Christian Slater - Ronnie