Your Preferred Movie Genre


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Prioritizing genre is pretty much impossible for me. It almost always depends on my mood. Today, for example, I am chomping at the bit for a good light-hearted comedy that I have never seen before because I could use a good laugh. There are some genres I could watch almost any time, like Noir, or suspense. If I was forced to choose only one genre I would have to say I would write down a few and put them in a hat and pick one at random. I think most of us agree that the best films cross many topics even if they may focus on one or two.
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I'll watch just about anything but I really loathe romance....except for Lars And The Real Girl. That was cool.
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Prioritizing genre is pretty much impossible for me. It almost always depends on my mood. .
Exactly the same for me.

Horror..with supernatural or paranormal themes. Three fav films The Innocents (1960), The Changeling (1980) The Haunted (1995). I have now added the Woman In Black.

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I like the extraordinary: either an extraordinary character in an ordinary situation, or an ordinary character in an exraordinary situation. So sci-fi and fantasy tend to be my favourites. I'll occasionally go for horror (as long as its not too gruesome), comedy and action.

Mystery/Thriller/Sci-fi (combined or not)

Adventure (with a soft spot for James Bond)

Comedy, dark comedy especially.

My second genre is suspence. As the acknowledged Master of Suspence I am a huge Hitchcock devotee. I rate Rebecca, Psycho and Frenzy as his three best.