How high would you rank Interstellar among Sci-Fi films?


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It's one of the better mainstream science fiction films of recent years, and definitely one of the best 'hard' sci-fi works of the last decade. However, Nolan desperately needs a proper screenwriter and a decent editor. His work usually engenders way too much exposition on - what are - relatively interesting concepts, and I find this to be nothing but a detriment to the stories he is telling. He also seems to have no real conception of what constitutes rhythmic, sequential and cogent editing. These problems were apparent in Interstellar, although not to a conspicuously bothersome degree. I wish Nolan went with the original ending of the film, initially conceived by his brother (which was much more dark and dejecting), but he seemed to settle for something much more humane and somewhat optimistic. Ultimately, though, it's an extremely solid film, but far from a classic.

I've still only seen the movie once. I really enjoyed the movie in theatres, but a lot of people seem to dislike it. I think it's technically one of the best movies made in the last few years. But if you look at history, most groundbreaking and beloved sci-fi movies usually get a lot of hate upon release, then over time gain fame. I will say I'd rather watch Interstellar than 2001 (blasphemous I know!)

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I'd rather watch something like 2001 or Moon again before I watch Interstellar again. I like Nolan but I was disappointed by Interstellar. The visuals were great but the movie as a whole didn't impress me that much at all.