I have 3 movies that have been driving me CRAZY


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I have 3 movies that have been driving me nuts.

1. It might have been a made for TV movie.

A family moves into a community living place where everything is perfect (think Stepford Wives), even the children are perfect. But eventually kids/teens start to realize everything is under some kind of mind control (I can't remember if just the kids/teens are or if everyone is). So they destroy whatever it is controlling everyone.

It is NOT Disturbing Behavior (every time I search, that is what comes up, and it is not it, though a good movie)

2. I was able to finally find #2!

and 3. I am trying to find a movie, maybe from 1960s-1990s (one my 60 year old mother remembers but can't remember the name of it). I believe it has the word "Princess" in it but I can't be sure anymore since I have tried looking for it using princess.

But anyways, it is about high school students. Of course there are the rich people, and the trouble makers. One rich girl and one gang member fall in love. He finally decides to quit the gang, but in quitting, the other members get to hit him each, or take turns beating him up or something. Usually it leads to death, so naturally the girl is frightened for him.

I saw this on TV so I don't know if it was a made for TV movie or cinema movie. But I have been really wanting to watch it again.

Any help, please! Thank you so much!

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It was The Wave! Thank you. Any idea about the other two?

With your number 1 movie, are you really sure it was a family that moves into a community living place? If not, in some ways your wanted movie sounds like one of the episodes of the original "Star Trek" series called "The Return Of The Archons".


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It was definitely not Star Trek. It was a full length movie set in a small suburban town

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Anyone have any ideas about the other two?

For the first one, look up...

The Sacrament (2013)
Den Brysomme Mannen (The Bothersome Man) (2006)
Ruusujen aika (Time of the Roses) (1969)
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

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Not any of those. It was made before 2007 (that was when I saw it)

It was definitely a movie, not from a TV show.

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Nope, not control factor. Anyone know what #3 could be?

1. Perfect Little Angels (1998)

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I'm not sure, i watched this movie years ago in school but number 3 could be Rebel without a cause?
Can't hurt to try.
good luck!

The last one reminds me of a book I read long ago: Run Baby Run, not sure if it was made into a movie. There is a movie with that title but it is definitely not the same as the book.
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The first one made me think of two movies right off the top of my head. Disturbing Behavior, which you said it isn't, and The Faculty. Unfortunately your description fits a lot of movies.

The third movie sounds reminiscent of The Outsiders (1983)