14th Hall of Fame


I'll take #2. Well done to @Sarge, Contratiempo was a solid nom and deserved to win

This was my list

1. Barton Fink - #2
2. M - Joint 3rd
3. Contratiempo - #1
4. Mommy - Joint 3rd
5. Night on Earth
5. Black Snake Moan - #7
6. The Hurricane - #8
7. Grand Illusion - #5
8. Empire of Passion - #10
9. Passengers - #6
10 - Time of the Gypsies - #11
11. Lone Star - #9

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Joel's Nominations for the 14th Hall of Fame

1.La Grand Illusion
2.Barton Fink
4.Lone Star
5.The Hurricane
7.Night on Earth
8.Empire of Passion
9.Black Snake Moan
11.Dom Za Vesanje

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Surprised that BSM and the Hurricane weren't higher up.

When is the next one?
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Congrats Sarge and a big thank you to Raul!

My ranking-

14th Hall of Fame

1. Contratiempo
2. Mommy
3. Time of the Gypsies
4. Black Snake Moan
5. The Hurricane
6. Passengers
7. La Grande Illusion
8. Empire of Passion
9. M
10. Lone Star
11. Barton Fink
12. Night on Earth

My top 3 were easily my favorites and so close that I could rank them differently on any given day. I picked Contratiempo 1st because I watched it with my wife and we both had a great time. I think it's of very high quality and it's a movie I will remember. I put Time of the Gypsies 3rd out of the 3 because it didn't stay in my mind as much as the first 2.

Black Snake Moan had no competition as my #4.

5 though 8 could be in reverse order if I picked them today, that's how close those were for me. I don't think The Hurricane is the best of the 4, but it's the only one of those that gave me an emotional reaction. I love the moral dilemma of Passengers and think Grande Illusion is probably the best of those 4. Empire of Passion will probably be the one I think of most fondly going forward.

M and Lone Star were too close to call so I put M ahead based on historical significance.

Barton Fink and Night on Earth are firmly in the places in regards to how I felt about them, although I enjoyed Fink much more out of the two.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
and this is why I don't actually guess winners for any of these things lol

CONGRATS to @Sarge for the win!!! BRAVO

and, of course, to @rauldc14 for his usual kick @ss hosting skills!!! THANK YOU

Here's my final list:

1) Black Snake Moan #7
2) M #3 Tie
3) Contratiempo #1
4) Passengers #6
5) La Grande Illusion #5
6) Barton Fink #2
7) Lone Star #9
8) The Hurricane #8
9) Mommy #3 Tie
10) Dom Za Vesanje #11
11) Night on Earth Disqualified
12) Empire of Passion #10

Here's my list,
Blue are the films I really liked
Green are films I was luke warm on
Red are films I really didn't like

1 Passengers
2 Barton Fink
3 Night on Earth
4 Contratiempo
5 Lone Star

6 La Grande Illusion
7 Empire of Passion
8 M
9 The Hurricane
10 Black Snake Moan

11 Time of the Gypsies
12 Mommy

Congrats Sarge for Contratiempo, I thought that would win.
Thanks Raul for hosting!

I was hoping that Mommy would win this, but I had a feeling that Contratiempo would. I'm glad M tied for third, since I knew there'd be at least a few people who wouldn't enjoy it, so I figured it would find itself closer to the middle of the pack. Here was my full list:

01. Mommy
02. Barton Fink
03. M
04. Contratiempo
05. Passengers
06. The Hurricane
07. La Grande Illusion
08. Black Snake Moan
09. Empire of Passion
DQ. Night on Earth
10. Lone Star
11. Time of the Gypsies

Thanks for hosting Raul!

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Thanks guys. Looking forward to the next one. Well done all that had a hand in hosting this one.