Welcome to the site!

I think the only Kiwi on here Congrats!!

Nice to see new Nations joining the site.
That's odd thought there would be alot of us here. I guess not many people know about this site. May drop a link over in Facebook

Thanks everyone for your welcomes.

There may be some NZ on here, but none that I'm aware have introduced themselves.

The site has near 40,000 members...

I think you're the first NZ to show themselves and take part

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Hey aaron! I love your country. My family spent 18 days there in 2005 and didn't want to leave. Any of these look familiar? Have a great time here.
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden
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Winter Calls Thy Name
Welcome and enjoy your stay.