Corridor Crew: Does Anyone Watch This Youtube Series?


I am the Watcher in the Night
I particularly enjoy their VFX and Stunt breakdowns/react videos but they have a tonne of original visual effects content and have just released their first ever web series. It's a pretty cool channel, has anyone been watching?
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Yeah, I watch their VFX and Stuntmen React videos pretty regularly. Nice, informative analysis delivered in a breezy format. The recent Scott Adkins episodes were great.

I am the Watcher in the Night
Same! Adkins had so much info, just wish he could act and he might have a shot at being a bigger name in the industry. I also really enjoy Gui De Silva and Seth Rogen being on there. What movies/scenes would you want them to react too? @Rockatansky

I think Adkins is a pretty solid actor, actually. Have you seen Avengement or the Debt Collectors movies? I think those are pretty good showcases of genuine acting talent. Compared to how embarrassing some of the bigger action stars are (*cough*Vin Diesel*cough*), I find him pretty respectable.

For the stunt videos, I like when they dig up Hong Kong clips. Those are the most fun to watch.