Doom Patrol


That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
if it helps, i just caught the Christmas Special for Trailer Park Boys and all is now (mostly) right with the world.
"My Dionne Warwick understanding of your dream indicates that you are ambivalent on how you want life to eventually screw you."
- Joel

"Ever try to forcibly pin down a house cat? It's not easy."
- Captain Steel

10 years of excellence in denim
Meaning... abrupt ending and cancellation?

That first season with all the origin stories, Alan Tudyk and kind of “this is new” approach, hooked me.

Then season two was coronafied. Making the S3 premiere the S2 finale and just sweeping it under the rug.

I know this show is based on trauma, but it needs to be balanced out with zany action. They keep rehashing stuff we should have moved on from.It’s just not happening and this new villain(?) is garbagio.

10 years of excellence in denim
but at least he's italian, no?
She stinks. Riding around in a 1980’s Dr. Who castoff masheen.