The TV Show Character Alphabet Game


In this game you can use any Male or Female tv show character in this ABC game. Mini Series characters are allowed as long as they are on streaming service or a tv show series.

The last name of the character you can use but If a Character does not have a last name you can use the only name the character would have.

Like if the person would use a tv cartoon character like Skeletor or Megatron.

But if the character has a name like a normal person last name is prefered when using alphabet.
Like Per Say Howling Mad Murdock. The M is what could use the name for.

I will start the game


Video clips or Still Images are allowed for Tv characters

Wilson Fisk

A slight rule change if the character is mostly know by a first name. Then you can use a first name. But I normally prefer for the game last name as the ABC. Unless the character doesnt have 2 names. Like Skeletor or Megatron or Wolverine AKA Logan. I am just saying first name in part of a characters full name only if Character goes by first name mostly

Well Charles Xaiver is also one but he was a Cartoon. If you cannot come up with a character name then move onto the next letter in the alphabet. Im not hitler and am ok if a person wants to skip the next letter.

If I understand this right, think K is next...

Kaylee (Firefly)