Movie Trivia Game


You can ask any movie question you want and anyone can answer but it has to be a well known released theatrical film. Not made for tv or dvd or Cheap Porno B films.
Has to be a legit film released in a cinema is only rule. Questions in the trivia can be from any era of films and animated film or live action trivia questions are allowed. Animated films released in theaters anyway. Question can be about actors directors even scenes in a movie or name of the movie questions.
I'll start the game.

Who Was The Original Actor To Play The Tin Man In The Wizard Of Oz and Why He couldnt play him.

That was Buddy Ebsen of Beverly Hillbillies fame, who had been a dancer. He had to give up the role because he was allergic to the makeup. Does anyone know what child star had been considered for Dorothy?

At The Time only one popular was Little Heidi herself Shirley Temple but Im no expert on 30s actors or actresses.

I think Nedstark might be right that it was Shirley Temple.

BTW...neat game! Is googling the answer allowed? I would think not, but I wanted to find out.

Actually, The Wizard of Oz was originally planned to star Judy Garland, but at the time, she was still pretty much an unknown and the big brass at MGM did not want to risk all the money they were pouring into the film on an unproven quantity. They would only agree to greenlight the film with a "name" playing Dorothy and the only "name" that was close to appropriate to the role was Shirley Temple. Temple was approached about the role, but Louis B Mayer and Victor Fleming (the director) found out that Temple was not up to the vocal requirements of the role, not to mention the fact that Temple was under contract to 20th Century Fox at the time and refused to lend Temple to MGM so the role went back to Judy Garland and a star was born.

Citizen Rules, I like to avoid googling the answer myself because I figure anyone can do that. But there's an exception: when I'm pretty sure of the answer but have a little doubt. And the reason for that is that in the TV Trivia thread, the one with the answer usually asks the next question. I don't want to ruin that by giving a wrong answer. We don't have to do this one that way, of course, but I think it helps to keep the game moving. What does everyone think?

I've never googled on the TV Trivia game, but I have occasionally googled on the screenshot games. I'll just put the actors' names in the search engine and the answer will come up. I would prefer people not google this game or the TV trivia game.

Since Got Right Ill put in another question and then hopefully I wont get the next persons question right.

What Comedy Movie has the line. "It's Good To Be The King!" and Who Says it in the movie as in actor.

Its not the right movie. Or rather that its not from the movie I mean. The Actor or Rather Director Said the lines in another movie. But Will let you have the win and its your turn.

Its not the right movie. Or rather that its not from the movie I mean. The Actor or Rather Director Said the lines in another movie. But Will let you have the win and its your turn.
The line in Robin Hood: Men in Tights is only a direct callback to the original line (spoken several times) in History of the World Part I, which is absolutely correct.

"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra

Yes But didnt see the movie I ve only heard about it. Saw the line in the call back line to it. Its why gave him the win though.

What actor made his film debut as a dancer in the 1980 musical Xanadu and four years later, married that film's leading lady, Olivia Newton John?

Very good, Joe, I thought that one was kind of hard. Xanadu is technically a remake of an old Rita Hayworth movie called Down to Earth. Matt Latanzi's acting career was pretty brief, but if you want to see him actually attempt to act, you might want to check out an 80's comedy called My Tutor.

Well, over in TV Trivia, we usually have the person who answered pose the next question. I'll let Gideon58 do that, if he wants, or open the floor to anyone else.

Well its simple Gidoen asked a question and already confirmed you got it right. By my rules it be your turn to ask a question. Unless you pass or name Gideon your replacement or stand in to ask a question.