Sex Education


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Maybe I missed it but I'm surprised no one has posted a thread about this hilarious and yet relatable Netflix show.

Great writing, witty humour, solid cast and entertaining storytelling. I started it a while ago, but went back and finished it last weekend.

Anyone catch this one yet?
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I've just finished the 3rd season of Sex Education.

While it's British, this TV series feels American in its depiction of school life. Formally, it's quite a well-made series.

However, I have lots of issues with the way it presents certain topics and behaviors. If you are to believe this TV series is watched by teenagers (and it is) and that teenagers are misled by its title (they probably are), it's harder to pay no attention to Sex Education's harmful messages. It's even harder to pretend you do not see some god-awful plot developments and pathetic juvenile attempts at humor. People vomiting on each other, really?

I believe the crux of my issues with Sex Education lies in its name and intended audience. If it had a different title and was intended for grown-ups, I'd be much more likely to overlook its sins and pretend it's a to-the-wall satire on sexuality. As it is now, Sex Education is but another silly series made by Netflix. I'd love to believe teenagers will watch it and take only the good things from it, but I lost my belief in humans a long time ago. My mistake was that since I thought I was a certain way, then everybody else was, too. Nothing could be more wrong.
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