White woman pretending she is black. Fascinating.

So much more interesting than her book. She’s so feisty & entertaining. Really enjoyed this close-up look at her.
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Bob Ross: The Happy Painter

I love watching Bob Ross' show "The Joy of Painting", but I don't know anything about him other than that he was a great painter. I'm going to watch this when I get a chance. It should be an interesting documentary. Thanks.
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Didn’t finish this. Thought it would be more interesting. It’s not sufficient to grab every bit of footage - regardless of its quality - & call it a documentary.

Re-watch of a classic American documentary.

Excellent very sad documentary. 65,000,000 people around the world are refugees.

The Fog Of War

It's very information dense and I may well like it more with repeat viewings. However, should that never happen, I'm very pleased to have finally seen it.

Ciao Anita - 2019
D: Jacques Lipkau-Goyard & Marco Kuveiller

Synopsis from Rome Independent Film Festival (2019):
This autobiography of Anita Ekberg, the screen legend, was shot in her final months when she was confined to a wheelchair in an old people’s home outside Rome. With a wicked sense of humor she lays bare her soul, alternating between hilarity, sadness, dreams and a wistful longing for that which she never attained on both a professional and personal level. After she passed, the interview and the additional footage did not get edited. Later we decided that Anita - the film star and friend - rightfully deserved to be tributed with "Ciao Anita".


An acquaintance of mine and a close personal friend of hers, who appears in the film, recently informed me of some of its latest achievements (among many others):

- Los Angeles Film Awards: "Inspiring Woman in a Film Award".
- American Golden Picture International Film Festival: "Best Documentary Award" & "Best Music Composer Award".
- Festigious International Film Fest: "Best Inspirational Film Award".
- Golden Valley Global Cinefest (India): "Best Director" & "Best film on a Woman".
- Virgin Spring Cinefest: "Best Music score".
- Istanbul Film Awards "Best Documentary" & "Best Music".
- World Film Carnival (Singapore): "Best film score" & "Best Film on Women".

I don't believe this has had a proper distribution as of yet. I'm interested to follow it and if I find out anything more I'll provide some further updates if anyone's interested.

Banner at the Fontana di Trevi, January 2015.
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Excellent documentary about sexual assault of minors.

Audrie committed suicide 8 days after her assault & Daisy committed suicide this month 9 years after her assault.

Docufiction. So very good. Hugh Jackman is terrific in his rôle as is Allison Janney.

I have zero interest in Amy Schumer or stand-up comedy in general, but this documentary is very interesting. She’s a nice lady.

LOVE The Band. Very good documentary.

Not sure why we need a 4-part Hillary Clinton documentary. Surely everything that could be said has already been said. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

Honestly this is pretty mindblowing

Started a good documentary called I'll Be Gone in the Dark (2020). It's a 6 episode series about the East Area Rapist/murderer serial killer, aka "The Golden State Killer", who raped 50 women and killed 12 in the 1970s-80s. Watched the first two eps, and it's well directed by Liz Garbus from a book by Michelle McNamara , an amateur sleuth. It's on HBO and other streaming services.

Also, the documentaries Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things, and The Swamp-- a doc on the shenanigans and back room crap that goes on in D.C., look real good.

Interesting, but is this the right time in the middle of a pandemic to release a documentary about “the girl who has everything”? Seems insensitive to me.

So interesting. For a man who left Cambridge without a degree & who never went to art school, Beaton sure could do everything.