Rhys' Fabulous Viewing Diary of Fabulousness

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I will use this thread to document and archive my movie viewing from the 1st January 2015 onwards.

2021 EDIT:
Please bear in mind that I now only offer full-star ratings. I find that offering half-star ratings can become somewhat arbitrary at times and is difficult to keep consistent and fair.

I am currently watching American Beauty as part of one of my assignments for university. I have 5 days from now to complete my first of two essays. The second being a lot harder with a deadline for the 14th!!

1st January 2015

American Beauty (1999, Sam Mendes) - RW - 8/10

American Beauty is a great little film with an interesting storyline and fantastic cinematography and iconography. This is a film I have been tasked with to analyse for a university assignment and it has been a lot of fun doing so far.

& 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, Stanley Kubrick) - RW - 10/10

Probably the greatest sci-fi I have ever watched and amongst my favourite films of all time. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a richly layered masterpiece that can be watched over and over again and you would still find something new.

I think I'm going to give 2001 one more shot this year.

On the other hand, American Beauty became a favorite the first time I saw it.

You should take a day off, Rhys, and ease the pressure. You deserve it.

5th January 2015

Paths of Glory (1957, Stanley Kubrick) - RW - 10/10

Paths of Glory is in my opinion amongst the greatest of Stanley Kubrick's work. It is a very powerful anti-war film and is remains amongst the most outstanding films from its genre to date.

Paths Of Glory is easily my favourite Kubrick. I know I say it every time it's brought up, but it gives you an idea of just how much more I like it than the other films of his I've seen. Get it seen, cricket, I think you'll really like it.
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You both need to watch it! It's short so that gives you even more reason to just get it watched. My second favourite Kubrick!

6th January 2015

The Shining (1980, Stanley Kubrick) - RW - 9/10

The Shining is another one of Kubrick's greatest works. It is a fantastically made and genuinely iconic horror film and is one of his most controversial pieces.

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Paths of Glory will probably be the next Kubrick movie I'll rewatch! I did not think it was asgood as some of my Kubrick's favourites but it deserves another chance!

I need to give Paths of Glory another watch. I have a hard time with most war films, I don't know why, so when I watched it I had a hard time getting into it.

I need to give Paths of Glory another watch. I have a hard time with most war films, I don't know why, so when I watched it I had a hard time getting into it.
Yeah, I get that. Just try not think of it as a typical war film.

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Rhys looking at your lists I noticed you haven't seen Vertigo or Raging Bull. I hope that is because you haven't updated it, otherwise, dude what are you doing? Like with your LIFE!

I'm just kidding

But you should watch those two films.

Gooble gobble, one of us!
Yeah mate come on, definitely watch Vertigo. I watched that film for the first time like a year ago, I still have dreams of it. Just watch it without reading too much about it, do that and come back and talk about the film.