The Fantasy Hall of Fame


Dont remember mine and @CosmicRunaway can post it if they want too
01. La Belle Et La Bete
02. The Dark Crystal
03. Kwaidan
04. Dragonheart
05. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
06. Dragonslayer
07. Excalibur
08. Kiki's Delivery Service
09. Tideland
10. E.T.

The trick is not minding
Lord of the Rings was an unsurprising runaway winner. 15 point difference. Usually these are much closer.
I wonder what the biggest point difference is in the previous HOF?

I was so tired last night that I forgot to post a congrats to the winner and a thanks to our host.

Congratulations @rauldc14! You picked a great movie! It may not have been my favorite, but I enjoyed it, (and the whole trilogy).

Thank you @CosmicRunaway for doing a fantastic job running this HoF. I loved the presentation, including all of your updates, and this was very enjoyable theme for the HoF.

If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

1. Kwaidan (2)
2. Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Rings (1)
3. DragonSlayer (8)
4. Kiki's (3)
5. ET (4)
6. Excalibur (7)
7. Dark Crystal (6)
8. La Belle et la Bête (5)
9. Tideland (10)
10. Dragonheart (9)

I was off by one spot for 8 out of the 10 noms, I think Dragonslayer got a bit of a raw deal

Here was mine:

1. E.T.
2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
3. Kiki's Delivery Service
4. Kwaidan
5. Dragonheart
6. Tideland
7. Beauty and the Beast
8. The Dark Crystal
9. Dragonslayer
10. Excalibur

I gave pretty low overall ratings to everything after 5 but there was strange liking to 6 and 7 even though I didn't rate them as such. I think a film like Kwaidan could be liked even more in the future, perhaps even Tideland.

I think Return of the King would have beat Fellowship possibly.