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For those who have seen the trailers, there is a character known as the Death Dealer. He's the masked ninja with the ponytail seen during Shang-Chi's training. The actor who plays the Death Dealer is Andy Le, who has gained a following on YouTube with his team Martial Club. Le also performed all of his own stunts in the film. Here's his action reel

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"How tall is King Kong ?"
Since Fu Manchu was not an original Marvel Comics character, I don't really have a problem with him being replaced by the Mandarin (an Iron Man enemy who first appeared in Tales of Suspense #50 in 1964).
Not that I care about this movie at all (I'm really not into martial arts flicks), but I'm very relieved that Fu Manchu is out.

Not because of the racism (although Fu Manchu is a hilariously racist character in Sax Rohmer's hilariously racist universe), but because Fu Manchu is its own thing, its own world, with its own charm (which ridiculously dated orientalist colonial racism is an element of). We already had Marvel going all Disney before Disney, appropriating themselves outside characters (Thor, Hercules, etc), distorting them and incorporating them in their own universe. So, seeing a Marvel Fu Manchu would feel, to me, like suddenly having Sherlock Holmes as a Marvel character with a green cape and a magnifying eye. Or having the Frankenstein monster popularized as, well, Frankenstein.

Thing is, I'm quite fond of Fu Manchu, as a western fantasy about the (oh so mysterious and sneakily threatening) Far East. And if its unacceptable racism is what protected it from being marvelized or disneyed, I see it as a strange stroke of luck.

That being said, I really liked the Mandarin twist in that Iron Man movie, and I'd be sorry of they walked back on that. Not that it'd matter immensely.
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10 years of excellence in denim
Anybody see this? It broke the Labor Day record, but I don’t know anyone that has seen it or is talking about it other than websites.

I think it’s a sign I’m probably falling out of the demographic.