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Well, she's 39, so yeah. But it should be pretty obvious that when you're photographed all the time you're going to have a few that catch you in unflattering light, or at unflattering angles.

Cheryl Cole? :/

"Anything less than immortality is a complete waste of time."

pamela anderson

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Hottest girl in Sports TV Broadcasting

Pamela David, Argentina

Malika Ménard - France

Molly Qerim - CBS sports

Erin Sharoni - NBC Sports

Marisol Gonzalez - Deportes

Demi Moore
Julia Roberts
Sandra Bullock
Katharine Hepburn

Aishwarya Rai---my fave Bollywood actress

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Margot Robbie (from The Wolf of Wall Street)

Keep in mind this is specifically intended to be a bit, er, classier than threads like "hot or not," so splashing pictures of bikini models around isn't really the idea. This is supposed to be a little more high-brow, a little subtler, yeah?