James Bond: Quantum of Solace (a.k.a. Bond 21)


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BadTaste.it has sent us this great update on the filming of Quantum of Solace at Garda Lake in Italy:

Just wanted to give an update about Quantum of Solace filming at Garda Lake in Italy, and about the accident occurred some days ago.

The Aston Martin which fell into the lake was going to be used for a press conference Sunday, it wasn't one of the Aston Martins they used for filming, so this didn't slow down shooting.

During Sunday's press conference in Tremosine, Dan Bradley - who's the second unit director - said that the scenes at Garda Lake will be 11 minutes long in the final film, but it depends from the weather: they hope the next days it will be sunny, so they'll film more scenes and the final result will be longer, otherwise they'll cut some scenes.

The scene is described as the FIRST SEQUENCE of the movie - 15 minutes or so where we see a spectacular car chase and then a gunfight. This scene is being done by a Second Unit, directed by Dan Bradley. It's a car chase along the Gardesana, a famous and beautiful road around the lake (which is the biggest lake in Italy), between Malcesine, Limone and Tremosine: they closed the road and mounted some cameras on some Aston Martins. The scenes involves 40 stuntmen (half italian and half european), six doubles of Daniel Craig, many Aston Martin DBS's (we published a video of the camera-car) and a Black Alfa Romeo 159 (a famous Italian Car), which was the Bad Guy's Car.

They're going to shoot in Gargnano and Limone until April 25. Daniel Craig is resting in London after filming in Siena and Chile, but he'll be available to shoot some reverse shots if the weather is good. It's almost sure he'll be in Carrara between April 25 and May 13, where they'll film some important scenes in the very famous quarries of marble, with a flying camera (I think they'll use cables).

We'll give you more updates soon...

You can find many pictures and some videos from the Quantum of Solace filming in Italy here.

Quantum of Solace hits theaters on November 7.

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OH NOEZ! An accident... :gasp:

TheBadandUgly.com reports that a second accident has occured at Garda Lake in Italy where Quantum of Solace is filming.

In the Wednesday accident, a stuntman on the
James Bond set suffered serious head injuries when he and another stuntman crashed during a car chase sequence on a winding lakeside road. The stuntman underwent surgery at a hospital in nearby Verona, while the second stuntman was slightly injured.

On Saturday, a production assistant was driving an Aston Martin to the set and went off the road, plunging into Lake Garda. The driver suffered minor injuries.

The new James Bond
movie hits theaters on November 7th.


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Poor stuntmen, we hardly knew ye.

O dear that film set seems like a disaster zone. They should make Daniel Craig do all his own stunts.

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That trailer is sweet, but I still hate the title. Seriously worst title in the history of James Bond, and that includes Octopussy. LOL.
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I loved "Casino Royale" it was awsome, ive got big hopes for this bond. I think Daniel Craig does a good job as Bond.
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I don't think the title is that bad really.

to be honest does the title actually mean anything if the film is as good as Casino Royale and carries on going down this new path they have taken BOND???
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Bit annoyed how some of the action pieces look like they're even being filmed in nigh on identical ways to Bourne Ultimatum.

well lets be honest the Bourne trilogy is fantastic and if other films use the same methods then so be it.
True but a long established franchise copying, let's be honest, an imitator, doesn't bode well.

I can't argue with that but lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

Casino Royale was so different to the other Bond films but also the best one so lets see what happens