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I have heard about a new movie to be released Oct. 31 called Mercy Streets. It was filmed near where I live. It is supposed to be about twin brothers, one is an ex-con and the other is a preacher and they are foced to switch places. I don't think that it is a comedy, but I am wondering if anyone can give me some more information on it.

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Didn't see it.
It stars: Eric Roberts, David White, Cynthia Watros, Kevin Downes, Lisa Furst, and Koji Kataoka. It's directed by Jon Gunn and written by John Mann and Jon Gunn.
This is what I read about it at
Roberts plays Rome. Rome is a scheming criminal looking to make his next multimillion-dollar plan. When he gets double-crossed by his partner, John, he sets out for revenge, but instead of getting John he accidentally nabs John's twin brother, Jeremiah. When Jeremiah escapes, he has a violent confrontation with his twin, whom he hasn't seen in years. It all ends in an emotionally intense stand-off between Rome and one of the brothers.
Check out the official site.
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