Saint Maud (2019) vs. The Witch (2015)


Which one is the superior A24 film?
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Saint Maud
9 votes
The Witch
3 votes
I can't choose
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The Witch in a walk.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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Likewise. The VVitch also just connected with me somehow on an emotional level. That ending.
Eggers' research into his films is mightily impressive, from the olde English of the time used to the witchcraft scene at the end (which resembles Francisco Goya painting). He's a proper film-maker

Of course weird shit will always connect with us Twin Peaks fans.
Yes, well, who could argue with that. God, I miss Twin Peaks. Owe it a rewatch but it’d have to be a controlled binging environment, no distractions etc.

I remember really liking the ending to Saint Maud. That was one of the most powerful endings I have ever seen. But, is that enough to put it above The Witch? Because The Witch is no slouch when it comes to endings. I think if you average it out, both films are kind of equal. So when I come up against this sort of wonderful problem, I usually go with the one that I'm going to want to revisit more. And me being the obsessed Anya fan that I am, I'm probably going to go with the original A24 film that started all of this elevated horror stuff.

The Witch