MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2021 - Signups


So, time to signup for fantasy baseball again.

First thing's first: if you're not in this league already, there may be room for you! I should warn you that it's a competitive league, so you'll want to have played fantasy baseball before, and while it's not necessary having played Roto-style before is a big plus. If you'd like to play just reply and say so, and we'll do our best to make room. Please note that we give priority to a) returning owners and b) more active users.

If you're a returning owner, please take a moment to ensure your email address with Yahoo is correct, and if it's not, please PM me the address you're using so I can update it accordingly.

Draft Time

Please read this in full:

I'm thinking Saturday, March 6th or Sunday, March 7th, around the usual time (1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT). Either works for me, but I need everyone to please reply by letting me know your availability for both dates. IE: "I can do both the 5th and 6th" or "I can do one but not the other." Also fine to say "I can do the following weekend but not that one." But whatever you say, please do not just list a preference without signaling your availability for the other options. This happens every year, even when I put it in bold red text, and it even happened last year despite me including a whiny paragraph like this one about it.

Also please note that you must confirm your involvement even if you're a returning team. If I don't hear from you, either in this thread or via PM/profile comment/post comment/carrier pigeon/whatever, you won't be able to play. It's a simple way to hedge against inactive owners and, frankly, I think it's a fair way to give new people a chance to join the league.

Confirmed Teams

  • Yoda (Freedonia Ducks)
  • mark f (Dodgers)
  • Powdered Water (Roid or Roid not)
  • Sedai (Clockwork Angels)
  • rauldc14 (Peanuts&Crackerjacks)
  • TONGO (Chasing Homers)
  • Banknotes Harper (High-Level Arbitrage)
  • Fabulous (The Empire)
  • Adamantium18 (Hakuna Machado)
  • Hey Fredick (Roll Out The Barrel)
  • Dan (Cobb County Corncobs)

I want in! I feel like you guys are gonna have some problems this year. I've already read some articles. That will either intimidate you, or... it won't. With that said: I fully intend to keep taking first place until I don't. So, come and get some mofos!

Edit: Am available for any time or day.
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I can do both the 5th and 6th!

I'm in, also.
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...but I saw this after so I guess there's no harm...

You're just lucky I didn't actually send you a carrier pigeon. Probably take that thing a week or two to get to your house from Tacoma.

True, but then I'd have a sweet-ass pigeon as a pet.

The Freedonia Sweet-Ass Pigeons. I like the sound of that. Not too far from ducks, either.

Oooooh SNAP ! Let the obsessive number crunching begin! Yes I'm in and both dates & times work for me.

I am a returning team, and I confirm my involvement.

March 5th is a Friday, March 6th is a Saturday?

I can do both Saturday, March 6th and Sunday, March 7th. Friday, March 5th is up for debate.

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This just in. Whole season canceled.

Just kidding. But how funny would that be? Except for the fans that is.

I’ll see myself out.....

I'm watching The Battered Bastards of Baseball on Netflix. A documentary when Kurt Russell's dad Bing Russell bought a baseball team called the Mavericks in Portland, Oregon. Maybe 15 minutes into it, and so far so good.