Blast, Better than Die Hard?

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In our latest episode, we review two Die Hard rip-off movies named "Blast". One starring Linden Ashby aka Johnny Cage and the other starring Eddie Griffin.
Is it possible they are better than Die Hard???

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Interesting! Will have to watch and see first!

Interesting! Will have to watch and see first!
We ended up watching two movies named Blast both Die Hard rip-offs. Blast from 1997 starring Linden Ashby and one from 2004 starring Eddie Griffin.

This episode also sparked a debate between us that we hashed out live on Facebook last week. We discussed whether movies that rip-off Die Hard [hero stuck in the location fighting terrorist] are all one sub-genre of action or if the when the "location" is a moving vehicle, like in Speed, it becomes a separate sub-genre on its own.

Here is a replay of that