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You're on a Jarmusch binge. I liked this one even if there were a few elements that went over my head.

I am. Prior to this binge, I had no interest in this whatsoever. Loving his work at the minute.
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My outlandish, over-analysed theory:

WARNING: "Good Time" spoilers below
After watching this fanatstic film I thought ok, it's a straight up ending - Connie goes to prison and Nicki is better off without him anyway free to pursue his therapy and we get a happy ending (of sorts) for him. Then I thought......................
what if...................... more or less the entire film is just Connie wrestling with his inner demons? The entire robbery and aftermath is just a rouse to show us how he is completely at odds with the therapy his brother is undergoing, as he disapproves of it - but ultimately knows it is the best solution.

1) The analogy of taking the wrong person out of care when he escapes from the hospital ("I thought my brother was someone else")
2) The constant shots of the tv newscaster - representing his guilt at the situation
3) The guy he took out of care (Ray?) falling to his death at the end - showing that this is what will happen to his brother if he takes him out of care.
4) At the end we hear the therapist say "Your brother has been "responsible" by making this decision". But going to jail wouldn't be responsible would it, and lets face it, Nick would have been in the slammer with him if it had been real (does a jury really believe that Nick wasn't the other guy holding up the bank?). How is he even "responsible" as a guardian when in prison?
5) The reference to acid. Is this all a trip?
So does all this point to the fact we are seeing Connie coming to this conscious but tough decision of sending his brother to care? Is it all in his mind?

Did any of it take place?

The Tree of Life (2011)

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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand

movies can be okay...
"A film has to be a dialogue, not a monologue — a dialogue to provoke in the viewer his own thoughts, his own feelings. And if a film is a dialogue, then it’s a good film; if it’s not a dialogue, it’s a bad film."
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This might just do nobody any good.
Got an urge for a Bond film. Started thinking of which one I’d like to revisit and came up blank

Finally decided on this:

The Sword of Doom (1966)
Sounds cheerful.
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Got an urge for a Bond film. Started thinking of which one I’d like to revisit and came up blank

Finally decided on this:

OMG who is that. Ive got a lady crush

The 13th Warrior.
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The Crow....every year, every November.
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