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The ending was the best part for me hahaha and the movie was pretty good
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Home On The Range (2004) -

Yeah this was garbage pretty much. Fully deserving of the hate it gets, there are plenty of Disney films i don't like but i usually see that they were trying at least, this felt like one of those bad no effort Dreamworks films. One thing i didn't expect to dislike that much was the animation but i hated it, the film looked horrible. Every scene looked the exact same, really bad use of colour. Most of the jokes were really bad and actually pretty insulting, that they thought these were funny for toddlers even really pisses me off. Man Disney was in a bad way at this time, i can't believe they made something worse than Chicken Little. I don't mind Roseanne Barr but her voice acting wasn't good, i think even her fans would admit her voice can get a bit annoying i think she plays that up for laughs in her comedy sometimes like Jerry Seinfeld, or like Jimmy Carr's fake laugh. So it baffles me that they'd choose her to voice a main character in one of their films. I quite liked Jennifer Tilly's voice acting though, she has such an adorable voice that's were most of the
comes from. That and the fact that it was really short, surprised they managed to stretch this to 70 minutes even. The character were not good some of the weakest villains in any Disney film IMO. Not much of interest to be found in the story either. I mean what even happened? Maggie
appears at the farm makes a few dumb jokes then she's off on a journey to save the farm, some more dumb jokes and empty bonding scenes, Maggie belongs somewhere now for some reason the end And oh god the songs .

My nephew liked it better than me, he is 3 though and i can tell he didn't love it or anything.
Glad he gave me an excuse to watch it because i've wanted to watch the Disney Animated Classics i haven't for a while now, next week we are going to watch Treasure Planet which i haven't seen yet.

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Goodnight Mommy (2014)


Most of the movie, while creepy, lacks any kind of life. The last disturbing half hour makes up for it, and that's what I'll remember the most. I liked the twist too.

Yep, Home on the Range is bad. Very bad.

Together with one other film, this received the lowest score I ever gave on my Disney Classics streak...
Chicken Little?
Actually, no, but that was close.

It was Melody Time from Disney's era of weird compilation animation.

Warcraft: The Beginning

Now I went into this expecting it to be terrible (Mortal Kombat Annihilation terrible) however I was surprised that I didn't hate it. This is not to say it is without its problems but all in all it was a solid video game to movie adaptation. The story is pretty basic but nothing worse that some of the medieval stories out there. The characters were likable and they served their purpose well, the actors also did a solid job making you actually care for some of them. Now onto the so so areas, the CGI and video capture was decent however there were times I looked and thought that they skipped over some of the editing. I also think that people who did not play the game may not enjoy it as much. I personally played some of them when I was young so I understood the characters and references they placed in to movie.

3.5/5 Stars

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Mommy (2014) -

This was excellent. A pretty standard comedy-drama with a lot to like. I think if there was ever a truly awful character who is incredibly sympathetic then it is Steve. I felt for him that much at times that i think me using the word awful may be a bit harsh. His behaviour is pretty terrible, i think it does partially come from his mothers own behaviour around him, his disorders and his dad dying. I swear i almost broke down myself during the scene he was finally confronted. I absolutely adored the way Steve and his mum talked to each other, not talking about when he calls her a bitch or a whore or whatever when he is losing his mind.When there is nothing malicious behind it i love the way they talk and argue, it is still pretty hostile but some incredible closeness manages to come through during those times. Their relationship is pretty creepy at times but i must say i expected it to be a lot worse going from the title and the posters i've seen, that dancing scene when he starts feeling his mum up was pretty... yeah, it's nuts how Kyla reacts to it, just a few laughs then she joins them obviously. Great scene. My favourite character was Steve but i think the actresses playing his mum and Kyla gave the better performances. Actually i really loved Diane's character too. I really liked Diane's subplot of trying to get a job, there were so many "life isn't fair" moments there, the scene were she was walking home with a few groceries and her bag bursts then a neighbour who knows her comes out was just perfect. Those last 20-30 minutes were great.

Overall i loved this, funny and heartbreaking at times with interesting characters and some excellent dialogue.

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Phantom of the Paradise -

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I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

The ending was the best part for me hahaha and the movie was pretty good

I liked it until the ending.
WARNING: "." spoilers below
The aliens looked goofy and the second she said "Oh, come on" I was pretty much done. But I think it was the vagina ship that sealed the deal.

I feel like there's a pun I should be emphasizing.