Controversial opinion: PC culture and undeserving oscar winners


In my opinion, this is a pretty bad argument regarding Daniel. There is no requirement that the actor being awarded has to be a legendary actor or that there needs to be a long line of previously laudable performances before someone is awarded a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. It does sometimes turn out that way, and that is often seen as a factor in someone's favor (they are "due" because of previously great work). However, it is the performance being awarded that matters. I've seen "Judas and the Black Messiah," and he embodied the character well, and was convincing in the role. While he has been in other movies as other posters have noted, even if he hadn't been, his awarded performance is sufficient.

Even though I think there are merits to the ongoing conversation, overall, I think this is too much credit that we've given to an otherwise nonsensical, dog whistling post.
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The other night when I saw daniel kaluuya with an oscar, something felt off. Remember the days when sean connery was happy to get a supporting actor oscar after such a long illustrious career ? or even brad pitt last year. You look at daniel kaluuya and he is in barely 2 films worth mentioning....get out and black panther. One is a genre movie and the other is a super hero marvel movie and he has an oscar now ?
What a joke. I can understand the case for female actors given their expiry date in hollywood for juicy roles in 40. But for male actors to get an oscar after such a short career is crazy.

As i said, for minorities to have careers worthy of oscars...we don't need a black brad pitt or tom cruise......all actors are talented..we need black scorsese/spielberg/tarantino. Hope this didn't come off as insensitive.
I also thought that Daniel Kaluuya won the Oscar because of his performance in that movie particularly, and not because of his past career. I haven't seen the movie, or his performance so I am only assuming.

If Kaluuya had won the Lifetime Achievement Award Oscar then I would think that it was a joke for sure.