Sony sells post-release rights to Netflix


That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Interesting. That got me curious with how Netflix would compete with HBO's current same-day Warner releases and streams. I went to google and found an older March article on Collider (no idea who that is btw, so not linking it) that Regal Cinemas has apparently made a deal with Warner to have a 45-day window for theatrical showings before streaming on HBO for 2022.

That's good and bad, I suppose. I mean on one hand I enjoy the immediate access to the recent Justice League, Godzilla v Kong, and the coming Mortal Kombat movies. On the other hand, I figured that could seriously damage an already weakened theater industry after a year of Covid restrictions. Personally, I'd rather have the theater experience---if people could stay the hell off their phones, that is.
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Sucks for Netflix to go from Disney to Sony


FOX Searchlight goes to Amazon(Hulu)
WB goes to HBO
Disney goes to Disney
Sony goes to Netflix

Reportedly it's a 5 year deal, with Netflix getting first crack at Sony's movie releases. I don't know how long the theatrical and home entertainment window is before Netflix can grab them. If it's a short window, that's going to hurt cinema attendance.

Evidently Netflix will in turn pay Sony to make some of Netflix's movies.

This just means less money from me and people like me who have no interest in maintaining multiple streaming services. I want to return to the theater with no restrictions, so maybe when that happens they will cheapen the price of admission to incentivize attendance in light of all this streaming competition.

But I ainít holding my breath.

NETFLIX was made popular by Money Heist-Lacasa de papel. Proove wrong.