Name the Movie/TV Show from the Set


Nobody seems to know
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No, it's not Lassie...oh, just remembered you don't watch sitcoms, so you're probably not going to know this one, even though it is a classic in the genre.

It is not The Fighter. can't find any more location or set shots so I will give hints or a reveal if wanted. This is a Scorcese movie.

The street has changed over the past few decades and this picture is a slightly different angle than used in the movie (or maybe it is simply too hazy a day to see Manhattan), but I think that is supposed to be Rupert Pupkin's house in Jersey from Marty Scorsese's...
The King of Comedy
1983, Martin Scorsese

If that is correct, OPEN FLOOR.
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Wow, wouldn't have gotten that one in a million years and I can't even tell you how many times I've watched that movie, it's my favorite De Niro performance.

That's a Keith Haring mural on the wall there, so it is likely somewhere in and around New York City. But I don't remember a pool scene with Haring paintings, and surely they would have showcased them if they were there, so it might have been used as a location before the art was on that wall?

Anyway, I don't recognize it from that shot.

The swimming pool is in Greenwich Village, but I don’t know the movie. Has to be post-1987 though because of the mural.

The swimming pool is in Greenwich Village, but I donít know the movie. Has to be post-1987 though because of the mural.
You mean pre-1987.

Raging Bull
1980, Martin Scorsese

It is the pool where Jake first sees Vickie, then later picks her up for a drive and miniature golf for their first date. Also where their color home movies were filmed.


I really donít. The mural was painted in 1987. Raging Bull was 1980 so to include that photo of the pool + the mural is anachronistic.

Thatís the reason why I didnít say Raging Bull.