Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi


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Yeah, I mean that's all addressed in the video I linked as well (it's more a general post-Rise overview of Disney-era Star Wars and how the post-Last Jedi releases like Solo, The Mandalorian, and Rise all play things much safer with varying degrees of success). Can't argue that the higher-ups shouldn't shoulder more of the blame (especially since that virtually includes Abrams anyway since he served as an executive producer in addition to writing/directing), but I think having a Feige-like overseer would have its own drawbacks - after all, it's not like Marvel movies haven't drawn their own criticisms for being too homogeneous and conventional (and makes it easy to understand why Star Wars fans would be willing to actually embrace the heavily flawed prequel trilogy for its unique weirdness that seems to have disappeared a bit under Disney). As for test screenings, well, I don't tend to put that much stock in them to begin with - after all, the reason they exist is to confirm a film's commercial viability and the idea that they'd change a film just to make it more appealing to audiences (and by extension more profitable) then...yeah.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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I certainly don't embrace the prequels and I don't romanticise that another Lucas led trilogy would've been any good either.

I feel like Abrams credibility is in the gutter now, where it should be frankly.

On the Feige thing, you either have to do it one of 2 ways;

1) Have a Feige with an overarching plan who will retain control over the major plot points but freedom wll be given to the Directors (who in Marvel's case have solid source material) to an extent.

2) Give the Trilogy (or series) to someone to write/direct with it being properly planned out.

Lucas sorta served as 1 and 2 on the OT.

Welcome to the human race...
I don't think Feige/Marvel really give directors freedom so much as vet directors who will fit into their house style anyway (e.g. Taika Waititi being a natural fit for MCU's established modes of character-based humour) - just look at what happened with Edgar Wright (which is also mirrored in Lord and Miller getting kicked off Solo). Even someone like Ryan Coogler is undermined because a good chunk of the criticism around Black Panther ended up being when it ditched the interesting stuff he brought to the table in order to go full Marvel. They're always going to want to maintain as much control over the final product (and it is a product).

Then again, if they were to pick option 2, they could end up picking someone like Benioff and Weiss.

I didn't love TLJ, but I did like it. Prefer it very much to Solo, that one really pissed me off, although I rated it 4/10, since I saw merit in it.

I didn't love TLJ, but I did like it. Prefer it very much to Solo, that one really pissed me off, although I rated it 4/10, since I saw merit in it.
Solo i really thought it was a waste of time tbh...

Anyone like me thinks that the void left by episode 7 was filled by this film, probably the best star wars film since return of the jedi.