Movie telling diaries of a weird man


Hi guys

The movie is French, and it is impossible that it was released after 2005, what I can remember is:

1. That the man is either suffering sexual troubles or unexperienced in sex or repressed in it.
2. That this man perhaps does own a cafe.
3. That when he is with an old woman he kisses her suddenly and tells her sweet words about his feelings towards her, and this woman is shocked and she stutters while answering.
4. That an about 20 years old girl is attacked by her boyfriend before the cafe of this man.
5. This girl befriends the man and tells him that she is unexperienced too.

Help me plz

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Hi guys,

Any help here is still welcomed.

Thank you

Smells mystical, doesn't it?
Could you describe what the main fellow looks like?

Hi guys, how are you?

Maybe you saw My Blueberry Nights dubbed in french?
Hi genesis_pig, it's impossible because the movie, as mentionned above, cannot be an after 2005 one.

Could you describe what the main fellow looks like?
Hi Mysticalunicornfart, I don't know what does "main fellow" mean, but if you mean by it the main character I think he's a black-haired whose age ranges from 35 to 40 or more.

Thank you guys