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Yes, all movies I will never see.
lol no

Blade is a Marvel Comic Character
30 Days of Night was a graphic novel by IDW Publishing
From Hell was a featured in Taboo; an anthology comic published by Spiderbaby Grafix.

Basically, all comic book films.

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I'm gonna see 'Arctic' tonight
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Weird is relative.

Blade (1998)

Thanks for the recommendation. I thought it was a well made film: good direction, good acting. Matt Dillon made the Bukowski-like character almost charismatic. The writer romanticised the alcoholic, making him more like a Jack Kerouac or Neal Cassady type.

The glaring error was that Dillon not only never seemed to be drunk, but he was always clear eyed and fairly clean looking-- not possible for a drunk of his type.

Lili Taylor as Dillon's fellow dipsomaniac squeeze was first rate, and seemed more true to life.

I think the story would have been better told set in the 1940s, like the book, rather than in 2005. That probably would have added a prohibitive amount of production costs though.

Dillon seems a natural at portraying druggies and drunks. He was pretty good in 1989's Drugstore Cowboy, with the redoubtable William S. Burroughs in the cast..


Weird is relative.
Wait a minute... Gillian Jacobs is in this?

Okay, my night just got WAY better.

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