Netflix to adapt "A Series of Unfortunate Events" into a series


Not much information is given so far, it is being fast tracked by Netflix & Paramount Television, and currently no directors are signed on. I loved the film adaptation with Jim Carrey, and based on how Netflix had handled properties they adapt to series (Daredevil) i am cautiously optimistic they will make this series really something special!
What do you guys think?

Damn you, Netflix! You're making want to subscribe to you and I can't afford it! I'll just wait till the series I want to see come out on DVD I guess. Too weird, I was just talking to someone about "A Series of Unfortunate Events" today.
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Its been a long long time since I've read those books, but I would love to see a Netflix series that does them justice. I'll definitely keep up with this

Yea, this is certainly a young adult (or is it younger, I can't remember) that lends itself to a series format. The film version had some things going for it, the least of which was its cramming of three novels into one story. If they take a season by season, book by book approach and cast this well, should be great.

And boy, here's hoping they can make it as semi-gothic, darkly comedic as the series was, based off my memory of them.
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