MoFo Fantasy Football 2023 - Sign-Ups


Hey. It's almost time for us to pretend to draft people who don't know anything about us, then get mad at them, and then gave them get hurt! Woohoo!

I've renewed the league and set a (tentative) draft date and time of August 26th, Saturday, at 1:00 PM ET.

It's unclear if we'll have 12 or 14 or whatever this season, and some owners have suggested they prefer some configurations enough that they'd play in one but not the other, so please let me know if you want to play ASAP so we can figure things out as quickly as possible.

When replying, please confirm whether you're available for the above time. Bonus points for confirming whether you're available the following day, the 27th, as a backup. If you don't confirm your potential availability for the draft time, you are not confirmed to participate. Every single year people skim this post (even though it's bold, and in red) and fail to do this.

What even is this?

The members on this site play in a fantasy football league. This will be its fifteenth (!) year, and it's a pretty great league. We play with 12-14 teams, and even though there's no money on the line we have a very high retention rate. This league is almost exclusively populated by competitive, engaged owners. I buy the winner a trophy each year (with the caveat that they have to post a photo of themselves with it):

Can I play?

Maybe. As I said, we have high retention, and some years we only have a slot or two open. This is a Movie Forums league, so heavy preference is given to people who are active on the forums, and this applies even to returning owners. We also give some preference to returning owners, since that kind of continuity is cool, but we lean a little more towards the first criteria. So if you're a regular you stand a decent chance of nabbing a spot. And even if you're kinda in-between, hey, it doesn't hurt to throw your helmet in the ring, provided you can pass concussion protocol after.

How do I sign up?

Just reply in this thread and say you'd like to play, and you'll be considered based on all the stuff I mentioned above. You may or may not get in, but there's no shame in asking! And asking and not getting in one year will be considered the next year as a possible tiebreaker, too.

Holden Pike
Hey Fred

Also, the sooner we confirm the teams, the sooner I can draw randomly for draft slots so people can prepare/mock at their slot.

I was planning on drawing for SLOT choice, again, which is to say if you come up 1st, you get to choose your slot first, and so on. We did this last year and we did it with baseball and everyone seems to like it. Lots of strategy where there previously was none, but literally exactly as fair as before.

Also, you can absolutely trade draft slots if you want, but only if you trade slots for the entire draft (I have no way of trading picks from specific rounds). That said, I think that's probably unnecessary based on the choice option mentioned above, unless someone picks a slot and then regrets it immediately or something.

Yes I'm in.

Saturday 8/26 does not work for me, ill be working. This far out though I will be able to ask for Sunday 8/27 off of work and could attend the draft then.

Sundays are historically very tough for people, including me. If we have multiple conflicts we can take a look but I also hoped giving everyone three weeks notice would be enough to maybe move a shift around, or what have you.

Sundays are historically very tough for people, including me. If we have multiple conflicts we can take a look but I also hoped giving everyone three weeks notice would be enough to maybe move a shift around, or what have you.
Sigh. Well I'll try and see if I can get 8/26 off, but I'm always scheduled on Saturdays. Let's make sure 8/26 is the date that works for everyone before I make the request.

In please. Draft time is cool with me. I have such a weird schedule now I may end up auto drafting. But we'll see. If I smoke enough meth I may be able to stay awake. Kidding of course... only smoke crack!
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Date/time works for me.

Several people -- @Yoda included, IIRC -- expressed interest in last year's thread about switching to an auction draft this season. Although I'd prefer we stick to the standard snake draft, the prospect of an auction draft is intriguing. Should we put it to a league vote once all teams are decided?

I am definitely in for an auction draft, though I usually don't volunteer it or push for it just because I figure no more than a few owners would want to try it. Which I can understand, as it takes like twice as long, at least.

I am good for the draft date and time. Do not like the idea of an auction draft.
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Since I'm faced with the prospect of missing the draft I'd say no to the auction. Just because it seems like the sort of thing you really couldn't even do on some kind of auto draft. But if an auto draft is also available in auction form I am down. Especially if the consensus here us to do one. It would just be something new to learn. Can't imagine it would be to hard to learn.