Dexter (Showtime)


I have chosen Dexter for my next foray into cable television. Heard a lot of wonderful things about this show over the years. During its seven season run, the show received 21 Emmy nominations, winning four awards and 11 Golden Globe nomination, winning e Globe for Lead Actor Michael C Hall. Good to see James Remar in the opening flashback playing Dexter's father, after watching him slice up a choir director/pedophile. "Blood...sometimes it keeps my teeth on edge." Why does Dexter seem to like antagonizing Deborah? Which Velez twin is that playing Deborah's boss? Dexter's a blood splatter expert? Yeah, that's Lauren Velez. Dex's narration seemed to imply that he was jealous of this guy's ability to drain the blood from the body. Margo Martindale! I love her, hope she's a regular. What'a Doakes got against Dexter? That Jamie looks like a real creepy guy. "Animals don't like me, especially dogs. I don't think they approve of what I do to their masters." Jamie was accused of murder once but can still get a job s a security guard. It's creepy that Dexter's proclivities go all the way back to when he was a child. Love Julie Benz as Dexter's girl...wonder how much danger she and her kids might be in? Wow, Rita's really broken. Love David Zayas. This security guard has a rape website? Didn't exactly understand what teenage Dex's father was trying to teach him. I'm assuming at this point doesn't know anything about Dexter's inner demons. I love the slight layer of smarm underneath Michael C Halls's portrayal, but something tells me it won't be as slight as seasons go by. Guess I put too much wasted thought into Jamie the security guard. Dexter's sexual issues are still a little unclear to me. I mean I know he's not gay, but something's going on there. How did the killer know where to leave that "message" for Dexter?

I watched the entire series at one time, but don't remember a lot of the details.

I will try to answer one question: Dexter's adopted father was trying to teach him a code to live (and kill) by to try to keep him out of trouble or from becoming the typical serial killer who preys upon the innocent. His father knew Dexter wouldn't be able to control his urges to torture & kill, so he taught Dexter to channel them - this meant only targeting other killers or violent criminals who may deserve to be executed - this would help protect the innocent from Dexter, while providing him a regular supply of creeps to hunt, torture and kill (since there are never too few criminals out there), not to mention that Dexter would ultimately be helping society as a vigilante serial killer of serial killers.

WARNING: "Series observation:" spoilers below
Dexter reminded me of the comic history of the Batman in that so many people discovered Dexter's true identity over the course of the series (both allies and enemies alike), that it soon became infeasible that his crimes could remain a secret (despite the fact that so many people who found out were killed themselves).

The first four seasons of Dexter are amazing and well worth watching. After that it becomes hit or miss and towards the end more miss.

The return of the show had some great things going for it but I donít think they nailed it completely then either.

Love the character and the universe though.

Season 1, Ep2. A couple of things that are already starting bother me. Dex's sister, is really starting to work. She's way too flighty to be a police officer, she is self-absorbed and seems to crave constant 24/7 attention from her brother, which redefines "yuck." How did Dex know that Matt was going to be acquitted? Does anyone know who the actor was playing Matt? He looked like a guy who used to be on 90210 named James Marshall? Why did they kill the cop's wife? One thing that I'm definitely noticing about Dex is that everyone who is victimized by him seems to deserve it.

Season 1 Ep3. Nice to see Scott Winters in the opening scene. Dex actually goes to the jail to check out the guys who are being released? That's sick. He just let that guy walk away with Rita's truck? How did that killer get into that arena? Nice security. "I prefer a stalk and ambush approach." I'm curious as to how Dex's father was able to control his urges when he was a cop? That was a gutsy move Doakes made. Loving Rudolph Martin as Guerrero...first saw him decades ago on All My Children. Did Dexter actually use the word "heinous"? Still trying to figure out why Rita just gave up her truck like that. LaGuerta was way too confident in her reveal of the ice truck killer that there's no way she could be correct. Was that Amanda Wyss playing the social worker? Did Dexter follow Jeremy? Because it was staged like he got there before Jeremy did. That gator literally made me jump out of my seat. Why would the nurse be trying to kill Dexter's father? "There's np such thing as the Tooth Fairy, but the Splinter Fairy is the real deal." Doakes reluctance to vigilante justice is a little hard to believe, I thought he would be totally down with this. I totally missed Jeremy lifting Dexter's wallet. The young actor playing Jeremy was very good. That nurse really put up a fight. "Scream and lose a tongue." Loved that Dexter got Rita another vehicle, though it didn't really surprise me.

Season 1, Ep2. A couple of things that are already starting bother me. Dex's sister, is really starting to work. She's way too flighty to be a police officer, she is self-absorbed and seems to crave constant 24/7 attention from her brother, which redefines "yuck."
That's because they were married in real life!

Then shouldn't they have played romantic interests instead of siblings? Because they're not coming off as siblings right now.
I was just joking. But there may be something to it - you may be seeing their (then) real-life mutual attraction showing through their performances even though they were supposed to be playing siblings.

P.S. Or... I just remembered, Dexter and Debra aren't biological siblings in the story since Dexter was adopted by Debra's parents. They are like Greg and Marcia Brady! So, no reason, even within the show, they couldn't be attracted to each other.

Season 1 Ep 4. I expected to see a little more of a response from Dexter when he saw the blood. I loved when he referred to the cut as delicate. James Remar is certainly aging gracefully. Where do I know that guy from who played Tony Tucci? I'm sorry but Deborah seems kind of ditzy to be a credible police officer. That encounter with the neighbor was unpleasant but I hope Dexter chooses his battles. Is it weird that this killer can go around specifically placing all of these body parts with nobody seeing him? Will they take the stick out of Doakes' ass anytime soon? OK, so this ice truck killer is doing this because of something Dexter did in his childhood? I was surprised that Rita actually encountered the neighbor. I liked that actress playing Tucci's widow. Who do these guys work for who are following Doakes? I loved that Dexter had no idea what the X's and O's meant and Angel's frustration with him. Can't believe Rita took the dog, I thought Dexter did something to him offscreen. Poor Angel, Dexter's got his head all mixed up. Wow, what did Angel do to his wife? Cheat on her? I feel like I'm missing something regarding Dexter's relationship with his father. How did Scott Winters know where Doakes was? Wow, Tucci is still alive, but why? "I'm!"

Season One, Ep 5. It's so funny the way Deborah is getting a lot of credit on this case that I'm not so sure she deserves. Did we really need to be told that Dexter likes to be alone? "Tell me this psycho bled on something, Dexter." "Ever since the blowjob, she's assumed we've taken it to the next level." It's a little strange how Dexter is feeling so trapped by Rita so quickly. Like Dexter so quickly clarifying "a maid" and "my maid". "Freedom is just a word for one more way to get f*cked." Jose Zuniga was really good in that scene in the car lot. Didn't Doakes tell Deborah not to talk to Tucci? Does this girl ever actually listen to anyone? This Castillo is kind of sloppy in terms of leaving possible evidence behind. Dexter's feeling about Rita seem to flip flop. The inability to feel has its advantages." I see Doakes still hasn't scheduled his stick removal surgery. I do have to agree with Doakes that Deborah's suggestion to Tucci that they blindfold him again was outrageous. Why does Angel keep lying to Dexter about his marriage? I don't the harm in his being honest and he find more of a compatriot in Dexter if he does. I love the whole idea of Dexter being uninterested woman and not gay. I hope this continues to be explored. Deborah was out of line with Doakes. Rita always seems like she's about to evaporate into a puddle of water. Michael C Hall was SO funny in that scene where he was trying to figure out how to pacify her. Could they have found an uglier tux for teenage Dex to wear? Was that the maid that Rita asked Dex to look for? Can't believe Doakes changes his mind about the blindfold, but I loved the way it worked. Why is Deborah getting credit for wrapper? Masuka found it. I knew Dex's question to the Castillos was going to have nothing to do with their crimes. Loving what Deborah did for Tucci. Was that the maid in the trunk of that Mercedes? Why did he only chop one of the bodies? Dexter can't possibly be ignorant of the fact that he can never have a normal life.

Dexter can't possibly be ignorant of the fact that he can never have a normal life.
He's more aware of that fact than anyone, except for maybe his adopted father (who sometimes also seems to serve as a stand-in conscience - via memories - for the one Dexter lacks or has trouble cultivating).

Season One, Ep 6. How did they find Dex's latest crime scene so quickly? I don't think he had any option regarding killing both of them. The ice truck killer dived into the ocean and retrieved that body? Seriously? Is it possible the ice truck killer is someone Dexter knows? Doakes is a military veteran? That explains a lot about him. How long was that little boy in that trunk, my God! "That's it, no more donuts for Masuka." Sometimes it seems like there are selected moments when Dexter wants to be caught. Some more secrets about Doakes seems to be coming down the pike. Oh God, he's not going to kill that kid is he? Vernee Watson playing Doakes' mom. That woman has been around forever. Loved Deb making herself at home with Doakes' family. I don't know why, but was somewhat taken aback when Dex mentioned the possibility of his arrest here. This is the first time this subject has been addressed. So bizarre that his murder fantasy found Deborah as his killer. Loved the Patrick Bateman reference, that was genius. The police seem closer to Dexter than he thinks. How convenient that the kid didn't look up when Dex was leaving. If the police found the Casatillos, what makes Dext think they won't find the rest of his "stuff"? Does Deborah have a thing for Doakes? I hope that little boy stays safe.

Season One, Ep 7 That was a lot of blood, I'm with Doakes, that should have been giving Dexter an erection. "Timothy McVeigh drove way too fast on the way out of town." That was the nastiest looking trailer I have ever seen. "If I had followed my instincts, this boy's high school yearbook would still have an editor. Why was Dex supposed to be impressed by the fact that Deb chased that guy? Mark Pellegrino was appropriately smarmy as Rita's ex. Why would a killer take photos of his own crime scene? "Thank you for making me the woman I am today." I don't know which one likes to take credit for the work of their staff more, LaGuerta or Matthews (Geoffrey Pierson). Dexter was so creepy in that scene with Rita. All that taxidermy was totally creeping me out. Taxidermy creeps me out in general. How could they tell that skeleton was a woman? Rita's ex seems to have a real capacity for danger of pushed too hard and Rita still seems terrified of him. How did Doakes know whee Jeremy was? Doakes was pretty much choking on that compliment to Dex. I loved Dex'
s handling of Paul at the door. There's definitely something going on with Deborah and Doakes, even if neither of them are aware of it. Why does Rita seem to be unable or unwilling to divorce Paul, though with Dex on the job, it might be handled, but Dex should consider how killing Paul would impact his children. Wow, they haven't wasted anytime putting Tony Tucci back together again, didn't see the prosthetics happening at such lightening speed. I guess my instincts about Doakes and Deborah are on the money. Doakes should be doing that interrogation not LaGuerta. Really like that kid playing Jeremy. Hate that doctor, he's so full of himself. Right now, it seems like Deborah would do the horizontal mambo with anything in pants. Jeremy didn't strike me as the suicidal type, he was in a lot more pain than I saw, but Dexter did. Matthews is such a douche.

Season One, Ep 8. Tony Goldwyn directed this episode. Dex isn't wasting time zeroing in on Rita's ex. Maybe the presence of Rita's ex might influence some of Dex's relationship issues. LaGuerta is still looking at Dexter like he's a hot fudge sundae. Tony's playing the doctor too? "This guy's why do his patients keep dying?" Dexter seemed geniunely offended by the doctor's question. James Remar was so good in that first flashback scene. I keep getting this vibe that Perry is not the ice box killer but he wants to take credit for it for some reason. I knew Dex was offended by that question. If it was a suicide, wouldn't the gun have been in the water? Even Perry sees that LaGuerta likes taking credit for other cops' work. Rita thinks she's in control of her life? Seriously? I liked Deborah's panties. So we're not the only ones who have noticed the oddity of Dexter and Deborah's relationship. It seems like Rita wants to fight Dexter but she can't. That head looked real authentic, totally creepy. Dexter's confession was excellent because he knew the doctor would never believe him. Did not see that reveal coming...that was awesome.

Got a question for you, Gideon... (only because I don't remember)
Does Debra know Dexter is not her biological brother?
Or was she too young when Dex was adopted and her parents never told her that he was adopted?

Season One, Ep 9. Loving that Dexter thinks he's in a "real" relationship. Rita's kids might be worse than Don Draper's kids. Why didn't Doakes just shoot him in the leg to stop him? Doakes told LaGuerta that the guy shot at him first but I'm pretty sure there was only one shot. OK, I replayed it and there were two shots, but the pause between shots was uncomfortably long. What would make Deborah think she's such an expert on Dexter's life before he came to live with her. Deborah just refuses to accept that Dexter had a life before she met him. Is Doc trying to get Deborah out of town and she can't read a room? If Rita insists on going with Dexter, she should have just let Paul keep the kids until she returns. Whatever Paul is, he's not going to hurt those kids. That's great that it's not about how many shots, but who shot first. I'm with Angel, I didn't see the gun either. Is Doakes hiding something? The doctor actually talked Debora into showing up at Dade...shocking. Dakin Matthews was great as the medical examiner. "Who knows what caused it...stress, inactivity, French fries." Dexter taking a sample of his dad's blood...another shocker. I personally hope this guy does turn out to be his biological father. Dex needs to learn that he can't have everything the way he wants it. If this Mr Bayard was so freaking innocent, why did he take off running the second Doakes spotted him? Rita's attempt at being a bad ass during that totally unnecessary phone call from Paul was laughable. I think this doctor wants Dex to figure out who he us. Why is Angel in such agony about this shooting? "Wait did I call the hot Morgan by accident? Freudian!" Why is Deborah so upset about those DNA results? How is this even relevant to Deborah? Her being this upset was way over the top and nobody invited her to the house anyway. LaGuerta seems to want coerce a confession out of Doakes. Does Dex think he's really going to get away with stealing his dad's remains? Can't believe how close Dexter is letting the doctor get. Can't believe he just dumped the ashes in the yard. I thought he was going to conduct some kind of tests on them. They kept that card all that time? Did Harry actually know Dex's real father? Did he kill him? Doc is sure staying in Dexter's face? It's amazing someone who's emotionally unstable as Deborah became a cop. That old lady knows the Doc. I'm over Paul, he's got to go. Why is Doc pretending to be a cable repairman?

Season One, Ep 10. Kids asking if adults are going to make out is not cute or funny anymore. "Maybe some sort of promotional stay 10 days you get a jar of blood." So did this guy gather blood from all the previous crimes and spread it all over that hotel room. Those white suits look like condoms. Why did Dexter react to that blood like that? Can he only take it in small doses? This crime scene really got to Dexter I thought he was going to pass out. The police are idiots...did they get a look at Rita and still think that she assaulted Paul? Speaking of which, why hasn't Dexter disposed of Paul yet? I can' believe all these people who have worked with Dexter for years are buying his lame excuses for not being in that crime scene? This Debbie Downer thing with Ange is getting totally played out. Wow, so great to see Malcolm Jamal Warner on the canvas. Rita messed up when she brought Paul into her bedroom for a fake seduction. Rudy is really going to give himself away if he keeps talking about Dexter while Deborah is trying to have sex with him? Unless he's purposely trying to get Deborah to break up with him. How obvious is it that I don't like Deborah? Can we please get Angel laid? "That Boy in the Blood" would make a great movie title. "All I need is a little proof of his inner monster." That crime scene really has Dexter dropping the ball where Paul is concerned. I don't know abot Dexter, but from here, Rudy is really coming off like he's in love with Dexter. And she really doesn't see it? Or is she just in denial? I think he has feelings for Deborah but right now she's getting in the way of this thing with Dexter. Where have I seen that actress with Angel before? It's a little hard to swallow that Dexter isn't the least bit suspicious about Rudy trying to get him to open up. "I have other problems to concentrate on, like forgotten cell phones." Can't wait for LaGuerta's boss to find out how wrong he is. Angel's questioning of Rudy was a little vague. Wow, Paul's really got Rita by the balls, how is this possible? His attempt to mess with Dexter's head was pathetic. How is Dexter going to explain that to the court officer? Matthews is a dick. I think letting Paul live was a mistake. Really didn't expect Rudy back on his hands and knees with flowers. Again, didn't get the final scene.

Season One, Ep 11. Keith Gordon directed this episode. Dexter seems incapable of concentrating on what happened to Angel right now. That prostitute's prosthetic hand is SO creepy looking. I don't know who's sicker, Rudy or Dexter. Doakes going after Dexter for leaving the hospital was a little over the top for my tastes. Doakes needs to get a life...his obsession with Dexter is creepy. Margo's back, I guess her role is kind of minor and I have a feeling we won't be seeing much more of her. "Ho, ho, ho, another dead Who'" I can't believe Rudy put body parts among Xmas sick is that? Commissioner Matthews doesn't have a clue and I have a feeling he's about to lose his job over the ice truck killer. What does Deborah expect Dexter to do about her relationship with Rudy? "If I had known this would get you back in the same room with me, I would have been stabbed sooner." Deb has become officially annoying which is why they're hooking her up with Rudy, so that when the truth comes out about Rudy, she can become even more so. Was Dexter actually using microfiche? Camilla knows more than she's telling Dexter. Why is Rita running to Paul? And bringing the kids to get an explanation? Terrible idea, Rita should be honest with her children, but she should do it, not Paul. Rudy bit Angel? Whenever Deb learns the truth about Rudy, I think it might be Doakes who saves her, not Dexter. How can Rudy continue to do what he's been doing and marry Deborah? Dexter is taking way too long to put this together. Finally, a final scene that I get. Excellent episode.

And here I am at the first season finale. Deb is an idiot. She's sitting there tied up in duct tape talking about "This isn't you." Why was Angel so shocked that the hooker ended up dead? Took everybody else all that time to figure out that Deb is MIA? Doakes needs a nap. Paul's wasting his breath with Rita, she's not hearing anything bad about Dexter. Love those shipping yard miniatures. "Finding a needle in a haystack isn't hard when every needle is computerized." Wow, Dexter is really scattered right now. I kind of understand Doakes' hostility...Dexter really does treat him like he's stupid and he's not. He's just not much for thinking outside the box. Locked in the trunk of a car with a bloody corpse...gross. Loved Masuka's jacket. I refuse to believe that Rita's ex is going to be the person to lead to Dexter's downfall, not with six more seasons to go. Deb running around that padded room reminded me of William H Macy's wife running around after Buscemi and Stomare let her out of the car in Fargo. Angel's the first one to consider the possibility of Rudy being a mental patient? OMG! Can't believe who Rudy really is never occurred to me, considering Dexter's childhood. Love that Esme is onto Matthews. Rudy wants Dexter to kill Deborah? Dex saves Deb's life and Doakes wants him suspended...classic Doakes. How did he get away? I thought he was trapped inside that place where Doakes broke off the lock. Deb was way too quick to suggest that she stay with Dexter. Paul was initially dumb as a box of rocks and now he's Columbo? Dexter is really uncomfortable with Deb being in his house beyond 24 hours. Dexter left his door unlocked? Why didn't he tape Rudy's mouth? Michael C Hall played the hell out of that final scene with Rudy. Not sure how Rudy's death was deemed a suicide. "This is what it must feel like to walk in full sunlight." Great season finale, looking forward to another season with a serial killer.